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093 – NAN – Question on characters – Due Monday 29th

Read the extracts and answer the question: How are the characters presented?

Levels are on the sheets given to you.

Miss Havisham is

She was dressed in rich materials


9En2 5 sentences Due Monday 29th June SRA

It’s been a while since we did some creative writing so we need to revise the techniques. To improve your story openings next lesson, you need to write 5 sentences to describe your setting that you can include when you re-draft.

Think about all of the effective ways you can describe a place. Could you use similes, metaphors, personification? Could you use more complex vocabulary? Could you look up words? Would using some images help you to describe in more detail? If so, find some and use them as a focus.

So, 5 brilliant descriptive sentences to describe your story settings.

9En1 – Reflection (for Mr Bakewell)

Reflect on your learning for this academic year. How have you moved forward? How much have you read? Have you learned from reading, listening to your teachers, listening to others or ‘doing’? You have GCSEs in two years’ time – do you feel prepared? Are you thinking about your musical/theatrical/sporting performances next year? In which subjects have you learned the most? Are you thinking about work experience? What has been the highlight of your year? Is Year 9 better or worse than Year 8?
Take half an hour to mindmap your thoughts and feelings in your small book.

9En2 Adverts for teens SRA Due Wednesday 13th May

Watch a selection of tv adverts aimed at people your age. What do they have in common? What part of you are they appealing to?

Write a minimum of one PEE paragraph that explains how adverts try to persuade people your age to do/buy something. What techniques are used? Are they different from adverts aimed at other age groups?