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9En1 – Mr Dettman – Reading Log Entry

Following Half Term, write a 200-300 word (minimum) Reading Log entry, covering:

  1. What you’ve been reading most recently and how and why you’ve been enjoying it (or not).  (A mini-review.) Extension: Try and practice using Persuasive techniques – I’ll reward you with an Outstanding sticker for the best ones.
  2. To whom would you recommend the book, and why (what is it about the book and the potential reader’s interest in the subject/genre)?
  3. What you’re planning to read next.  Fiction/Non-fiction; same author; genre of novel; recommendation from Mrs Wilson etc.
  4. Whether you’ve just finished a book and what your Accelerated Reader score was (if you’d like to share it).
  5. Anything else you’d like to add.

9En1 – Mr Dettman – Bad Review: Movie

Due: Monday, 2nd November 2015

Mark Kermode - UK Film Critic

Mark Kermode – UK Film Critic

  1. Take a look at at the comments below by my favourite movie-reviewer, Mark Kermode, and state which is your favourite and why.  Has the critic used any form of persuasive device?

Extension: If you can find a better sentence-long review by another critic, and post that.  Explain why you like this one even more!

  2.     Click on the following Document, then read a GOOD review, and the other two, short, BAD ones.  Pick a film you’d like to give a bad review to, and see if you can out-do Mark Kermode.  Afterwards, show how you’ve used three varied persuasive techniques.

Mark Kermode: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly CLICK HERE ——->>>> Mixed Reviews by Dr Mark Kermode

Mark Kermode’s One-liners:

“If I was a GP and somebody walked into my surgery and pitched Revolver, I would reach for the medicine cabinet.”

The Da Vinci Code
“I would be surprised if a duller movie is released this year. I don’t care about the theological debate, I don’t care about the hoo-ha about whether it’s true, I don’t care about the defamation of certain sections of the church. I don’t care about any of that, just make the thing move forward, turn the light on and stop talking so much!”

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
“On the IMDb trivia page it says, ‘The most amazing thing about Pirates 3 is that they started filming without a completed script’. No, they finished filming without a completed script.”

Sex and the City
“It is a film which spends its entire running time shoving handbags down your throat and then has the gall to say at the end, ‘You know what? There’s more to life than handbags’.”

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
No words here… just 75 seconds of Kermode smashing his head against various objects in despair.

Bride Wars
“If there are ten films worse than Bride Wars this year, I quit… Everyone will tell you it’s a chick flick. Only in the sense that if you ground it up and fed it to battery hens it might be better served than running it through a projector.”

Sex and the City 2
“My expectations were low, and I have to say they were met. It’s ghastly.”

Fred: The Movie
Fred: The Movie is like being in a room with the sound of fingernails scraping down a blackboard… the most annoying thing about the Fred character is he screams and shrieks. He literally, literally, LITERALLY goes AARRGGHHH!!”

Keith Lemon: The Film
“The thing I can tell you definitively: there were six people in the audience, maybe seven, I think one of them went and didn’t come back. There was almost no laughter during the whole of the film.”

Media Extension: If you like Mark Kermode’s style, have a listen to some of his famous ‘rants’ on Youtube, and give his and Simon Mayo’s film review show a listen (Free via Podcast, using any app that plays podcasts.)  It’s the best film show around, and pretty entertaining – I can vouch for it; let me know what you think – I’ve had loads of converts that I’ve recommended it to!

9En1 – Mr Dettman – Charlie Brooker Style Rant

Due: Monday 28th, Hand in to Ms Blumer

Please complete a Charlie Brooker style rant, on a subject of your choice.

Minimum: 1 A4 page, which MUST include your circular plan, including connectives / paragraph openers.

You could write on anything you like, but make it something that really bugs you; choices could include:

  • Selfies / selfie-sticks
  • Xfactor
  • Reality (trashy) TV
  • Footballer’s wages
  • Home Learning

Here’s Charlie Brooker’s example of a ‘Rant’ again – try to ‘magpie’ some features (snappy, simple sentences; exaggeration; strong imagery/description etc.) Nightclubs_Charlie Brooker

Thank you,

Mr Dettman

9En1 – Mr Dettman – Reading Challenge

Due: Tuesday 8th September (Short, overnight task)

Choose a book for the Reading Challenge.  Remember that it should be challenging (but not TOO difficult).

Give your reason for selecting that particular book (might be to do with enjoying that specific Genre of book – Sci-Fi; Drama; Action; Non-fiction etc.) and what your expectations of the book are.

VCOP Focus – you should use OPENERS to start your sentences. e.g. Here’s several reasons why I think I’ll like this book.  Firstly…  Furthermore, I liked it because… etc.

Extension: What is your reaction to the picture below?  Have you had first hand experience of this with a novel / set of novels?  Tell us about it.


9En1 – Mr Dettman – News Article

Due: Thursday, 9th July

Please complete a News Article, appropriate for Readers of an On-line Newspaper using the following criteria:

Focus of Article: 

The Mix Music Trip             Sports Day       Wimbledon        Year 5/6 Taster/Transition days        Summer Fete

Register (tone you take with a specific target audience): Parents and Children

You should aim to make the article around 200-300 words long, and capture a real sense of the experience itself for your readers.  What was the atmosphere?  What were the highlights of the day? Sum up the success of the day/experience.

9En1 – Mr Dettman – On-line Newspaper Comparisons

Due: Thursday, 25th June

Dear Year 9,

After today’s comparison between The Dartmouth Chronicle’s Print and On-line edition, I would like you to complete the following:

Go to The Guardian newspaper’s online edition:

and the Dartmouth Chronicle’s online edition:

D-Grade Target: Write a 3 paragraph (or more!) comparison of the two online newspapers, focusing on the type of stories they cover and the style (Broadsheet or Tabloid – provide evidence!)  Use the comparative connectives and openers in the VCOP focus below, to help.

C-B Grade: You may choose to compare the Dartmouth Chronicle website and The Guardian, or choose your second newspaper (i.e. you HAVE to choose the Dartmouth Chronicle, and then choose one OTHER newspaper website)

1. You should compare the format of the newspapers (how they are presented) and the stylistic differences between the two (for this you need to comment on the type of stories – the content, and the ‘mode of address‘ (how the way the communicate to their specific target audience e.g. the colours they use, the language they use, and how this matches Target Audience).

2. Make a connection to the type of reader you believe the online newspapers target.

Extension: Decide on the political leanings of the Newspaper (Left wing (liberal) or more Conservative / Right Wing… Give evidence (you might look at the types of stories covered.)

*VCOP Focus: Connectives and Openers.  (Consider how you will use connectives to make comparisons

Word Bank: Comparative Connectives & Openers:

Showing similarity or adding a point: additionally; also; as well; even; furthermore; in addition; indeed; let alone; moreover; not only

Showing a difference or an opposite point of view: alternatively; anyway; but; by contrast; however; in contrast; in fact; in other respects; instead; nevertheless; on the contrary; on the other hand; rather; though; whereas; yet

9En1 – Reflection (for Mr Bakewell)

Reflect on your learning for this academic year. How have you moved forward? How much have you read? Have you learned from reading, listening to your teachers, listening to others or ‘doing’? You have GCSEs in two years’ time – do you feel prepared? Are you thinking about your musical/theatrical/sporting performances next year? In which subjects have you learned the most? Are you thinking about work experience? What has been the highlight of your year? Is Year 9 better or worse than Year 8?
Take half an hour to mindmap your thoughts and feelings in your small book.

Mr Dettman – 9En1 – Letter to the Town Council

Due: Thursday, 11th June

Following your Dartmouth Tourist Town debate, turn your three points into a Formal Letter, in which you attempt to communicate three transformative things to the Town Councillors, that Dartmouth needs, in order to become a vibrant, attractive town for tourist, young people and other residents  alike (e.g. like the recent ‘Indoor Pool’ debate).

Vocabulary – Can you transform vocabulary in your initial three points, into vocabulary more suitable for (‘distinguished’!) members of the Town Council?  Remember, this needs to be respectful and formal.

Connectives – How can you link your points/ideas?  Can you use discourse markers (‘paragraph connectives’ – e.g. Firstly; Furthermore etc.) to connect paragraphs, in a more ‘discursive’ (progressing from one point to another) essay?

Openers – How will you use strong openers, to engage the reader?  Can you use any rhetorical/persuasive devices as we looked at during speech-writing?

Punctuation – Commas and full stops are a must.  However, can you use higher level punctuation, like: colons; semi-colons; a dash; ellipsis; or brackets?

Buffalo Soldier

What a book! I chose this from the Carnegie Prize shortlist, as the title attracted me and I love history. A dozen year 9s are reading it this week. It’s a bit gritty, to say the least, with every kind of inhuman atrocity witnessed in the plain narrative of a black girl during and after the Civil War. Charlotte, the narrator, is freed from slavery, but the prejudice and rough justice that is the aftermath of this bloody conflict forces her to fight for her own survival by dressing as a soldier and joining the US cavalry in its first  black company. (And it’s inspired by a true story where this happened!)

About halfway through, I was becoming disappointed in the lack of typical characterisation and in-depth relationships – it seemed to be ‘a series of really unfortunate events’ – things just got worse and worse for the protagonist. The narrative voice is authentic, but the lack of choice given to the main character is frustrating and painful. But the last 20 pages are magnificent. What a powerful book! What a story! It’s hard to bear at times, but it comes on really strong at the end, and it has to be one of the best Young Adult books I have ever read, but be warned, with burnings, beheadings and rape, it’s not for the faint-hearted. Be ready to re-live an experience you would never want to suffer!