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Year 12 – English Passengers for Thursday.

Taking information from pages 120 to 131, contrast the writer’s use of language between Renshaw and Potter. How would you describe their language and what effect does it have on the reader?


Sixth Form GCSE English home learning – due Thursday 13 December

Your home learning task is to prepare for a Speaking and Listening assessment (individual presentation) on Thursday 13 December.

The task itself is tell the story Captain Murderer (see below) in an engaging way, using a sophisticated repertoire of story-telling strategies. You will tell the story of Captain Murderer, without having access to the story itself (so you have to memorise it!), to the rest of the class and I shall give you a mark for Speaking and Listening.

This task contributes directly to your GCSE, counting towards a total Speaking and Listening allocation of 20% of the GCSE.

Captain Murderer by Charles Dickens (an online copy)

Good Storytelling Tips

Unfortunately, because of time limitations at this time of year, and because we will be moving on to another part of the GCSE after Christmas, this will be your only opportunity to complete this task and secure the valuable GCSE marks.

Mr Legowski

Test your punctuation!

Take our punctuation quiz below and write your score in the comments box. The pass mark is 80% (8 questions correct out of 10) – have you got what it takes?


GCSE re-sit students

Dear all,

I have yet to sort out an alternative evening for our twilight sessions (if, in fact, we can get it changed anyway) so remember to turn up tomorrow in the Dart Centre at 3:45pm. Remember, too, to read Of Mice and Men again (and not just chapter 1) as your mock exam questions will be based not just on the extract you annotated on Tuesday but on another part of the novella as well.

See you tomorrow.

Mr Legowski


When adding comments to posts DO NOT provide your surname; only write your forename (your first name) in the box provided (see below). I am going through all of the comments where surnames have been used and am deleting them; don’t worry though, your English teachers will still have access to them (temporarily) so you don’t have to write them again.

Mr Legowski


** Tickets still available for The Hound of the Baskervilles **

There are still tickets available for this Thursday’s (10 May) trip to the Northcott Theatre in Exeter to see The Hound of the Baskervilles. While primarily aimed at Year 10 students, other year groups are welcome but get in quick – there are only a dozen or so tickets left! The price is £15.00, which includes transport and the ticket. See Mr Legowski or Mr Bakewell for a letter.