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Year 11 Holiday Revision for Mr Bakewell

So, read this great book again. Then carefully go through your section to look for an extract that might come up in the exam. Then guess which extract fromt he whole book you think will come up in June. Then read the examiner’s report and come up with 5 top tips for students.
Feel free to email me with practice answers!


Year 11 – Mr Bakewell asks for Volunteers

You need to amaze your friends with three anecdotes/facts that they don’t know – start your research with these three links:
A painter and decorator will tell you that good work comes from careful preparation (sanding and cleaning) – a good piece of writing comes from thorough and reflective research. Come in on Monday with an armoury of ideas for your CA.

Year 11 Revision – May half-term

I hope you are reading this as you are looking for more revision for your English GCSE. On the Monday back, we will be holding our last revision day for you, but you need to be practising questions and reading around the two texts throughout the holiday.
Here’s some work to be getting on with:
Workshop on Macbeth 1
exam june 1 2015

Please Facebook everyone to let them know – feel free to send answers to your teachers!

11En1 – Mr Dettman – Question C: Act 3 Sc 2

Due: Wednesday, 13th May  – Hand in to Mr Bakewell, or to me in the Media/Music suite: GO79

Act 3, Scene 2: The scene involves characters with troubled thoughts and misgivings about their actions (worried about what you’ve done, or are about to do).

Comment on how this occurs in one other area of the play.

Mr Dettman’s Top Tip: C.R.I.S.P.

Mr Dettman – 11En1 – Macbeth Act 3 Scene 1

Due: Wednesday, 22nd April  (my Lesson in the 2nd week back)

Using your understanding of the extract, explain how the lines below, from Act 3 Scene 1, might be performed. (7)

  • What you already know about the characters’ relationships.  What has lead up to this point?
  • What you know about each character’s personality (like Macbeth, this might have chanegd throughout the play).
  • How are each of the characters feeling?  Examine the thoughts and feelings Macbeth and Banquo express in the extract.
  • The way they might react to each other, and what they say.


Here’s our chief guest


If he had been forgotten,

It had been as a gap in our great feast,

And all-thing unbecoming.


Tonight we hold a solemn supper, sir,

And I’ll request your presence.


Let your highness

Command upon me, to the which my duties

Are with a most indissoluble tie

Forever knit.

Mr Dettman’s Top Tip: Signpost to the examiner, the broad range of techniques you are examining, by making sure they see the following words in your response:

  • actions
  • positioning
  • movement
  • voice
  • gesture
  • facial expression

Year 11 – MBA

The whole set needs to be ready to be brilliant in their Controlled Assessment on Wednesday. Those who have yet to take their creative writing assessment need to plan a 1,000 word story ‘Long Gone’. I’d either set it in the past and write about Easter Island or set in the future and write about Vanuatu after their civilisation collapsed and everyone deserted the island. It could be post-apocalyptic, empty and desolate, asking questions about humanity. You want to be descriptive about the place, include all the sense, drop in some symbolism and be reflective – it’s the contrast between what was and what is.
5EH03 (Summer 2015 – November 2015) – Theme C Somewhere, Anywhere

NAN – 11EN2 – Preparation for ‘The Journey’ – Due Monday 16th

It is finally that time! We are about to embark on our mission of the final controlled assessment.

Monday’s lesson will be creating the plan for ‘The Journey’.

Make sure you know:

All about the context of your story

The plot of what is going to happen

How you are going to make it interesting

What your characters are like (emotions, looks, feelings, thoughts, attitudes)

Good Luck!