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10En3 – Mr Dettman – Poppies

DUE: Wednesday, 11th November

Download and print (or this can be typed up) Jane Weir’s poem, Poppies. ————-> Poppies by Jane Weir

Level 3-4​Read and annotate the poem for as many poetic features as you can.  (Use the attached poetic terms sheet + examples for help.) Poetic terms

Level 5-6: Pick out three features, and add to your annotations, their effect within the poem (on the reader).

Extension: Download, print and annotate a recent pop song for as many poetic features as you can.


10En3 – Mr Dettman – Kenning Poem

Due: Friday 6th November

We’re going to analyse, and then write a Kenning poem – print these out at home or at school, and we’ll get these on our new Poetry display in class.

First: re-read our local Totnesian (nationally famous!) Matt Harvey’s poem, Slug. (AttachedSlug – Matt Harvey

Level 3 Target: Pick out 3 Kennings. Suggest how the poet feels about slugs. Respond in SEA paragraphs.

Level 4-5 Target: Pick our 2 Kennings. Comment on how punctuation and structure contributes to the reading of this poem? Can you support your answer with a specific example?

Level 6 Target: Do you spot any similarities in style with another of Matt Harvey’s Two Lovely Black Eyes? Make three comparisons. (AttachedTwo Lovely Black Eyes

Then: Create your own Kenning poem.

10En3 – Mr Dettman – Eva Smith

Due: Wednesday, 4th November

Choose one of these questions according to your level, and then choose 3 of the following quotes below, to construct 3 different S – E – A paragraphs, that you might use to help answer your question.

  • Priestley wants us to see Eva Smith as the victim of the play. How does he achieve this? (LEVEL 3)
  • She is used to convey the destructive power of Birling’s selfish/capitalist beliefs. How is this done? (LEVEL 4/5)
  • She is used to convey the unfairness of the class system.  How? (LEVEL 3 / 4)
  • 4.Priestley uses her fate as a means to argue for a more socialist society.  How? (LEVEL 6+ / Extension)

Quotes (Remember, choose 3 for your 3 SEA paragraphs):

Eva Smith

10En3 – Mr Dettman – Pictures and Ideas: An Inspector Calls

Due: Wednesday, 21st October


Level 3-4: Choose two pictures and explain in two paragraphs, how these pictures link to An Inspector Calls.  Hints: Titanic; World War 1; social class difference…

Level 5: Choose three pictures and comment on how they link to An Inspector Calls.  At least one paragraph should use a quote and from a character to explain your point.  Extension: Make two of your paragraphs SEA Paragraphs.

Level 6: Comment on how a character reflects or comments  through the way they act, on two of the social issues that these pictures represent.  This must be presented as three coherent (linked) SEA paragraphs.

Research: suffragette movement (examine this if you’re passionate about women’s rights!); Welfare State; use the word ‘dramatic irony’ in one of your answers.

EXTENSION: How do you think Priestley wants the audience to view Birling and why?

10En3 – Mr Dettman – Welfare State Mini Essay

Due: Friday, 16th October

Welfare State Mini Essay

Minimum:  Introduction + 3 SEA paragraphs

INTRODUCTION (what is the welfare state?  Extension: how is it opposite to capitalism, and Mr Birling’s beliefs?)

3 SEA Paragraphs (using the quote sheet, please select the best QUOTES from the quote sheet link to help you out; the ones that relate to the welfare state. I’ve lifted a few that might help, below.

Mr B: 

‘mixed up together like bees in a hive’

‘community and all that nonsense’

‘a man has to mind his own business and look out for himself and his own.’

IG to Mrs B. ‘She came to you for help at a time when no woman could have needed it more.’


But these girls aren’t cheap labour – they’re people.’ ‘I felt rotten about it at the time and now I feel a lot worse.’ ‘She was very pretty and looked like she could take care of herself.’

VCOP Focus: Full Stops, Capital Letters and Punctuation.  Commas and regular full stops as a priority.

10En3 – Mr Dettman – PLAN on ‘Responsibility’ Assessment

Due: Tuesday, 6th October

This is just a reminder for those of you using the blog, to create a PLAN for your assessment on Tuesday, for the title below.  You will be supplied with several quotes, around which to construct your answer, but do need to focus on Act 1 and Act 2, so it’s worth reading back over those two Acts in preparation, unless you’ve already done so.

The question will focus around the following areas:

  1. What is the meaning of the word ‘responsibility’, and what are the different ways the word is used, in An Inspector Calls?
  2. How could the Birling family collectively (altogether) be seen to be responsible for the death of the tragic Eva Smith?

10En3 – Mr Dettman – SEA Paragraphs

Due: Friday 2nd October (2 days)

Following our lesson on Themes and SEA paragraphs, please write 3 SEA paragraphs on the question in bold, below.

Statement; Evidence (quote); Analyse (the quote/statement in reference to the main question.)

Explain how one character does not act responsibly toward the tragic Eva Smith. 

This might help save you looking through the whole text for quotes: 

Remember, here’s my example below, for you to follow:

How is Mr Birling shown to be in a position of Power?

S – Statement

Mr Birling is a wealthy, large and intimidating looking man, who seems to often get what he wants, through bullying and threatening others.

E – Evidence

He is described in the stage directions as a “heavy-looking, rather portentous man in his middle fifties but rather provincial in his speech.“  He also attempts to intimidate the inspector by claiming to know his superior.

A – Analyse

JB Priestley characterises Mr Birling as privileged and self-important, but ‘provincial’ which suggests he feels he has earned the right to be in a position of power.  He is a Capitalist, who makes a living off those less fortunate than himself.

10En3 – Mr Dettman – Act 1 Reflection Diary

Due: Wednesday, 30th September

This will go toward your first Reporting Grade.  (Please aim for Upper Level 3 for Content – i.e. they style and content of your writing, and Level 3/4 for your SPaG – see the pictures below.

Investigation / Family Diary

Take on the role as either a house member, or Inspector Goole, write an A4 page, in character, of a personal diary (as a family member) / investigation journal (if you’re the Inspector).

When should the diary be dated?  Think about when it was written.

How does the character feel about the other characters asking the questions / responding?

How do they feel about other characters in the house?

Do they feel blame (family) or where do they feel blame lies (Goole)?

How do they feel about Eva Smith?

What do they think will happen next?

VCOP Focus: Connectives (to connect and build shorter, simple sentences) and Punctuation.  Commas and regular full stops as a priority.

10En3 – Mr Dettman – A.I.C Act 1 Questions

Due: Wednesday 23rd September

Things are hotting up in the Birling household!  After a ‘jolly old evening’ celebrating the engagement of Gerald Croft and Sheila Birling, an Inspector has turned the household into a tumultuous setting where characters are beginning to question their own involvement – their ‘responsibility’ in the death of a young woman, Eva Smith.

  1. Describe the setting (where it takes place) of the opening of the play.  Why has JB Priestley decided to use the Birling’s home as a setting for the play?
  2. Choose one character, and decide how and why JB Priestley has portrayed (shown) them.  What are their positive and negative points?
  3. Where has ‘responsibility‘ (blame in this case) been cast by Inspector Goole?  Do you think the accusation is correct?
  4. Choose how one character responds to the accusations. Why do they react like this?  Does this reaction show a different side to them, or confirm (prove) what we knew about them?
  5. Do you think the character(s) are ‘responsible’ (blameful) at this stage?  Provide a reason for your answer.

Extension: Write a short reflection to Act 1, as if you were Eva Smith, in a Diary format. (See picture below)

Eva Smith's Diary 1

10En3 – Mr Dettman – An Inspector Calls – Learning Grid

Due: Friday, 18th September 2015

The Learning Grid Challenge!

An interesting Home Learning, that’ll challenge you to think outside the box, forming connections from your understanding of the play.

Click on this Learning Grid:

Learning Grid AIC HL

For you HL: Go to the link at the end of this paragraph, to role your 6-faced die (one ‘die’, two ‘dice’, did you know that?), first moving down by that number.  Then role it again, and then move to that number across. Click for theDice Rolling Site

For example, if you first roll a 3 then a 6, you would have landed on the image of
a man and woman. Your first task is to explain the relevance (why it’s important) of that image (or word/s) to Act One of An Inspector Calls.

Next, you should repeat the process and then explain any links between the two cells. So, for example, if you next roll a 5 then a 4, you would explain how men and women connect with Mr Birling. In this case, you might comment:

Mr Birling seems to have rather traditional values about men and women; he’s clearly a man who believes in the family name and reputation being made by the ‘alpha male’ (strongest male) of the household, and treats the ‘girls’ he employs as second class citizens.

For your HL, complete three rolls and make three short paragraph comments. 

If you’re feeling lucky, try 5 rolls!  (I’ll give you a HL positive).

Here’s the Play if you’d like to download a copy to go back over Act 1, or for later reference: Inspector Calls Complete