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072 English due 7/5/2015

Hello 072,

Your task ask due for Thursday this week, is to research the Shakespeare play The Tempest. Give a brief overview of what it is about (like the blurb on the back of a book). What do you think Shakespeare is trying to say to the audience?

Extension: how does this relate to our leadership island story?

Good luck! Any questions, see me before the lesson.

Miss B


072 – Home learning – Research on the Princes in the Tower

Hi everyone,

Over half-term I would like you to do some research on the Princes in the Tower, in preparation for your Speaking and Listening assessment.

For this assessment, you will be having a debate: did Margaret Beaufort or Richard III kill the princes?

I have split you up according to your colour groups:

Glen, Lucy P. & Max’s table: you will be arguing that Margaret Beaufort killed them

Annalise & Harry T’s table: you will be arguing that Richard III killed them

Find out why Margaret or Richard might have wanted to kill the princes. Bring your research along to the first lesson back after half term (Monday 2nd June).

Have a good holiday

Miss Walsh

072 Miss Walsh’s English homework – due Tuesday 6th May

Hi everyone,

Please write an answer to one of these questions on the blog by Tuesday.

—Group 4: Write a paragraph about one of the things that is different between a tabloid and a broadsheet newspaper.

—Group 3: Explain three things that differ between a tabloid and a broadsheet.

—Group 1 & 2: How do tabloids and broadsheets differ? Do tabloids and broadsheets have different audiences and why? Write a few paragraphs to explain this.


Miss Walsh

Happy Holidays!

Hi All,
I’m going to set some questions on the Merchant of Venice. This clip shows the court scene. Answer as fully as possible to show your understanding.
1. Why does the director decide to have the crowd surround Shylock rather than have them behind a physical barrier (such as wooden rail)?
2. What is Antonio’s reaction when he sees Bassanio has come?
3. What is Shylock’s point about slaves?
4. The person who has posted the video has cut the ‘quality of mercy’ speech – what is the importance of this speech to the ideas of the play?
5. What is Portia’s reaction to Antonio’s farewell speech?
court scene:

whole film: