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9En2 5 sentences Due Monday 29th June SRA

It’s been a while since we did some creative writing so we need to revise the techniques. To improve your story openings next lesson, you need to write 5 sentences to describe your setting that you can include when you re-draft.

Think about all of the effective ways you can describe a place. Could you use similes, metaphors, personification? Could you use more complex vocabulary? Could you look up words? Would using some images help you to describe in more detail? If so, find some and use them as a focus.

So, 5 brilliant descriptive sentences to describe your story settings.


10En1 Talking Heads SRA Due Monday 22nd June

Your dreams have come true and all I’m asking you to do is watch TV! Well, almost…it’s old TV on YouTube. Gather your parents around the computer and take them on a trip down memory lane to the early 90s when Alan Bennett wrote his brilliant series ‘Talking Heads’. Please watch either ‘Nights in the gardens of Spain’ or ‘The outside dog’. If you find another that takes your fancy, go ahead and watch it. Write a brief summary of what is revealed through the monologue.

For your CA you will need to develop a character through your own monologue so focus on forming some initial ideas on how Bennett does this.

Please don’t worry if you don’t ‘get it’ or find it boring – it’s new and the format will seem strange compared with all the funky, fast-moving stuff you youngsters watch these days. Stick with it for the full 45ish minutes – it’s genius!

Ps I know I won’t see you consistently because of PPEs next week but watch this by the time I see you please.

8En3 Persuade me not to set home-learning SRA Due Thursday 18th June

We have briefly covered the basic persuasive features that are used in persuasive writing and, as a starting point, I’d like to see how persuasive you can be. So, not using flattery or bribery (I know you’re good at these), write one paragraph of at least 8 lines using AFOREST to persuade me not to set home-learning for the rest of the term.

If every single person does this and does it well, you requests may come true!

Or I might just give you some choices as I have to set home-learning, sorry.

8En3 Design a skills task Due Weds 10th June

Set yesterday:

Choose either varying sentence structures or varying punctuation for effect (whichever one you need to work on most).

Create a task that will help you practise, revise and improve the way you use either skill. You could make a game, a quiz, a writing task, a piece of drama… Be creative.

We will use these in the lesson to test each other so come prepared!

7En1 Power tree Due Tuesday 16th June SRA

You need to create a ‘tree of power’ (like a family tree with branches that have names attached) to show the order of power for characters in The Tempest.

At the top needs to be the most powerful (you decide who you think this is), below that should be characters who are less powerful than the one above and so on.

You need to include the character’s name and a brief explanation of why you have put them at that point on the tree eg they are more powerful than…because but less powerful than …because.

You may include details about the characters and their role in the play.

You have 2x home-learning to complete this so take the time to do it well. Make them beautiful!

7En1 The Tempest plot Due Monday 8th June

Follow the link to the ‘No Fear Shakespeare’ section on

Re-read the plot overview – it is the same one we used in today’s lesson. Summarise the story in no more than 6 key events. You can write these in bullet points or storyboard them if you have time. Focus on getting the most important bits in the right order.

9En2 Adverts for teens SRA Due Wednesday 13th May

Watch a selection of tv adverts aimed at people your age. What do they have in common? What part of you are they appealing to?

Write a minimum of one PEE paragraph that explains how adverts try to persuade people your age to do/buy something. What techniques are used? Are they different from adverts aimed at other age groups?

7En1 Letter in a bottle: paragraph 3 SRA Due Tuesday 12th May

Paragraph 3 for your letter will describe and explain what you have done since you washed up on the island. You may include:

What you did first

The other people who are with you

The jobs you have done since arriving

How you elected your leader

How difficult it has been since you arrived.

Remember you should aim to include powerful verbs- doing words that add movement (remember to dance them to see if they work) and explicit adjectives – describing words that are specific and effective (no nice, lovely, bad, horrible).