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Sixth Form GCSE English home learning # 1 – due Friday 24 January

Please read the following short stories and write a review of them (either 3 x 100 words approx. or a combined, comparative review of the three together) in the comments box below.

Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut

To Build a Fire by Jack London

The Killers by Ernest Hemmingway

A reflective learner working at:

  • Grade C will use emotive language and other persuasive techniques in their reviews.
  • Grade B will refer to examples of language and/or structure in the short stories.
  • Grade A will analyse how character and plot are developed across the stories

I look forward to reading your reviews by NEXT Friday, 24 January.

Mr Legowski


Sixth Form GCSE English home learning – due Friday 20 December

  1. Research different literary devices and explain their effectiveness (what they add to a story); for example, personification, metaphors, pathetic fallacy, etc.
  2. Use some of the literary devices you have researched and type your rewritten passage in the comments box below.

Sixth Form GCSE English home learning – due Friday 8 November

Dear class,

Building on our learning in today’s lesson when we looked at how we can use the senses to create a vivid setting, your home learning is as follows:

Rewrite your setting from today’s lesson adding a sense of danger or fear or apprehension that something is going to happen. Remember: show, don’t tell! Give the reader clues, suggestions, hints of something to come; do not make it obvious.

Please bring your rewritten setting to our next lesson on Friday 8 November.

Mr Legowski

Mr Legowski’s Yr 13 Lit students – home learning due Tuesday 22 October

Dear class,

Following on from our lesson today on imagery in poetry, for home learning I would like you to create three PowerPoints or Prezi presentations (one for each poem studied) to explain the images you chose for each one. Remember to match the images to the words or passages in the poems and explain what it is about the language used (and identifying any poetic devices) that brought your chosen images to mind. Consider, too, whether different interpretations of a word or passage led to more than one choice of image and whether you included them all or chose a ‘representative’ image which best summed up a particular part of the poem.

You have a week to complete this task (Tuesday 22 October) even though our next English lesson is on Friday 18 October. If there any sticking points with the task, come and see me in room 16, email me or send me a message in the comments box below.

Mr Legowski

Sixth Form GCSE English home learning – due Friday 18 October

Write either the opening or closing scene of a short story in which you build up suspense using the techniques from today’s lesson. Make your reader (me!) feel uneasy, nervous and even downright afraid.

You should aim for at least one page but this should contain a variety of sentence structures, with the syntax varied for interest and effect; you should also use a range of punctuation with sustained accuracy.

Please bring your writing to our next lesson on Friday 18 October. Contact me in advance if you need help with this task.

Mr Legowski