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Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Friday 20 December

How are you going to prepare for your next recitals of your chosen poems (either tomorrow or the first day back)? Answers in the comments box below, please, by Friday 20 December.

Click on the link below to see how 2013’s national finalists did it.


Mr Legowski’s 10xEN1 home learning – due Thursday 12 December

Your home learning is two-fold:

  1. Write your plan for your controlled assessment on Thursday 12 December. I am putting on an extra Conscientious Objector revision session tomorrow (Wednesday) lunchtime so please come to that and you can then add what you learn to your plan.
  2. What is your top priority ahead of the poetry assessment? Answers in the comments box below, please.

Mr Legowski

Mr Legowski’s Yr 10s – both sets

Your home learning is to write a plan for your mock poetry controlled assessment this week.

  • Consider ART WARS as a way of planning what to write.
  • One side of A3 paper but make sure that there are no full sentences that can be considered a draft and written up in your essay.
  • Always have the question in mind: how are the poets’ perspectives explored in the poems?
  • Plan for developed responses, making sure that you consistently refer back to words or lines in the poems. Do not make a point without backing it up and explaining it – when marking your essay I’ll simply write ‘prove it!
  • Remember, the word count is 1000 words, which isn’t that much (really!) so make sure that you focus on what’s important and interesting in the poems.

Best of luck!
Mr Legowski

Mr Legowski’s 10yEN1 home learning – due Wednesday 4 December

Answer the five questions on The Drum here:

You must refer to one other student’s remarks in your own answers to the questions, e.g. I agree with James when he said…

Answers below by Wednesday 4 December please.

Year 10 mock poetry controlled assessment

The mock poetry controlled assessment will allow you to have practice at writing about some of the poems studied before you do the real thing.

The task is this: Explore the ways poets present their perspectives on war in Lamentations and two other poems you have studied.

You will write approx. 1000 words on how language and other poetic devices are used by the poets to convey their ideas about war. Comparison of the poems is not required.

You may find the video below useful when preparing your plan.