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English home learning 072 – due first week back.

Hello all,

Congratulations on a fantastic learning experience today with year 1 and 2! I hear from Mr Bakewell it was excellent -well done.

Your Easter homelearning is to complete a full page evaluation of your Primary reading experience. Consider WWW and EBI and your emotions and feelings about the experience. Be honest and include their reactions to your stories. I look forward to reading them!

Happy Easter! Any questions, please email me.

Miss Bolwell

072 – Home learning. Due 25/3/15.

Hello 072,

Your task this week is to re-read your paragraph to a family member, what can you add/take away? What works and what doesn’t? Encourage your families to make suggestions. Does your paragraph make sense? Does your paragraph contain enough of the following:

~ Dialogue

~ Nature descriptions

~ Feelings/emotions


~ Different sentence structures?

Any questions – see me.

Miss B

English 073 – home learning. Due: 9/3/15

Hello all,

Your task this week is to complete your assessment by writing a full page review on your Fairy-tale story and dramatic reading (we did in class today). It needs to be a full page of writing, written by hand (in best) and using correct spellings, punctuation and grammar.

Things to consider:

  • How effective was your reading/is your story?
  • What age-group is it suitable for? How can you tell?
  • Are your stories in the correct tense?
  • Is there anything you would change about the content? If so why?
  • How well did you read your part of the story?
  • How well did you work as a team?

Any questions, please see me.

Good Luck!

Miss B