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072 English home learning. Due next lesson (Monday).

Hello all,

Your task this week is to write a PEE paragraph on the following question: “How does Shakespeare show both a physical and metaphorical storm in The Tempest?” Remember what we discussed in class and the meanings of both. Give examples, use quotes. Good luck! Email me with questions.

Happy weekend,

Miss B


English home learning 072 – due first week back.

Hello all,

Congratulations on a fantastic learning experience today with year 1 and 2! I hear from Mr Bakewell it was excellent -well done.

Your Easter homelearning is to complete a full page evaluation of your Primary reading experience. Consider WWW and EBI and your emotions and feelings about the experience. Be honest and include their reactions to your stories. I look forward to reading them!

Happy Easter! Any questions, please email me.

Miss Bolwell

072 – Home learning. Due 25/3/15.

Hello 072,

Your task this week is to re-read your paragraph to a family member, what can you add/take away? What works and what doesn’t? Encourage your families to make suggestions. Does your paragraph make sense? Does your paragraph contain enough of the following:

~ Dialogue

~ Nature descriptions

~ Feelings/emotions


~ Different sentence structures?

Any questions – see me.

Miss B

English 073 – home learning. Due: 9/3/15

Hello all,

Your task this week is to complete your assessment by writing a full page review on your Fairy-tale story and dramatic reading (we did in class today). It needs to be a full page of writing, written by hand (in best) and using correct spellings, punctuation and grammar.

Things to consider:

  • How effective was your reading/is your story?
  • What age-group is it suitable for? How can you tell?
  • Are your stories in the correct tense?
  • Is there anything you would change about the content? If so why?
  • How well did you read your part of the story?
  • How well did you work as a team?

Any questions, please see me.

Good Luck!

Miss B