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Mr Legowski’s 092 home learning – due Monday 4 November

Dear class,

I would be grateful if you would complete an evaluation of the Animal Farm scheme of learning by answering the following questions in the comments box below. Your answers will help me to ensure that future Year 9 students benefit from your experience this year.

1. How difficult was the scheme of learning on a scale of 1-10? (1 being easy; 10 being incredibly hard)
2. What was your favourite lesson? Why?
3. What did you least enjoy? Why?
4. What skill(s) did you improve during the scheme of learning?
5. How could the lessons be improved for next year’s students?

Thank you.
Mr Legowski


Mr Legowski’s 092 home learning – due Monday 30 September

Your home learning task is to write another developed paragraph about Old Major’s speech. You should use the P.E.E. structure (Point, Evidence and then Explanation), that we practised in our lesson yesterday.

Remember to focus on a specific rhetorical device and say why it works well in the speech, e.g. if you comment on the use of first-person plural, explain what effect it has on the listeners (the animals who were listening to Old Major).

If you have any questions about this task, you must contact me in person, by email or in the comments box below, before Monday 30 September.

Mr Legowski

What is the most effective rhetorical device?

Cast your vote and then explain your choice in the comments box below.

Mr Legowski’s 9z home learning – due Wednesday 12 December

Dear class,

We are going to practise answering a GCSE exam paper again in tomorrow’s lesson so your home learning task is simply to prepare for it. (HINT: You may want to look again at the passages with Squealer in the novel!)

You worked well in your groups today and I hope that in doing so, and getting the feedback from the other groups in the classroom, you will achieve success in this next test of your reading comprehension skills. The question is – which team will score the highest overall mark?

See me before tomorrow’s lesson if you need any help.

Mr Legowski

Mr Legowski’s 9z home learning – due Tuesday 11 December

Your home learning task is as follows: write an evaluation of how well you did in today’s mock exam.

You should write your evaluation in the comments box below and consider the following points:

  • What you were able to do well (e.g. use evidence from the text, write PEE paragraphs)
  • What you found challenging
  • One target for improvement for the next mock exam
  • What steps you are going to take to achieve that target

Your evaluation should number between 150 and 200 words, and the deadline for this task – which will help you to improve for the next time – is Tuesday 11 December.

Mr Legowski’s 9z home learning – due Wednesday 28 November

Your home learning is as follows: write an evaluation (in the comments box below) of how well you did in the debate today (approx. 100 – 150 words).

You should consider the following:

  1. What you did well during the debate
  2. What you need to improve on (be specific!)
  3. What steps you are going to take to make that improvement in 2.

The deadline is Wednesday 28 November.

Mr Legowski