9En1 – Mr Dettman – Reading Log Entry

Following Half Term, write a 200-300 word (minimum) Reading Log entry, covering:

  1. What you’ve been reading most recently and how and why you’ve been enjoying it (or not).  (A mini-review.) Extension: Try and practice using Persuasive techniques – I’ll reward you with an Outstanding sticker for the best ones.
  2. To whom would you recommend the book, and why (what is it about the book and the potential reader’s interest in the subject/genre)?
  3. What you’re planning to read next.  Fiction/Non-fiction; same author; genre of novel; recommendation from Mrs Wilson etc.
  4. Whether you’ve just finished a book and what your Accelerated Reader score was (if you’d like to share it).
  5. Anything else you’d like to add.

4 thoughts on “9En1 – Mr Dettman – Reading Log Entry

  1. Zoe Spear

    Recently I have read a fiction book the Maze Runner by James Dashner. Have you every wondered whether 12 teenager boys and one girl can conquer the grievers and escape the maze? With cliff hangers, breath taking and addiction this book is one of the favourites. I couldn’t put the book down all I wanted to do was read read read. I would recommend this book to teenage-adulthood because it written more sophisticated. Anybody who would enjoy adventure would love this book. my next book I am planning on reading will be the second book to the Maze runner ‘Scorch Trials’ again another fiction book.
    My recent accelerated reading score was on the Maze Runner and I scored 100%

  2. Eryn Harding

    Recently I have read a book called ‘ the name of this book is a secret’ this is a book you not allowed to repeat but I will tell you one thing, 2 people are trying to solve a death of a magician using his diary. But will they find out what’s going on and not get caught by the deadly midnight sun! I am now reading the second book out of the set of 5 which is called ‘ if your reading this it’s too late’ this is carrying on the book 1 on solving more riddles. These books are secrets so they get your imitation going to think what the people could look like as the author (Pseudonymous Bosch meaning a word derived from pseudonym, meaning ‘false name’, is a state of disguised identity.) only gives a brief out line on what they look like for example Cass has pointy ears!

  3. Izzie

    I have recently started again on a book called will Grayson and Will Grayson.The book is about two teenagers who meet on the street in Chicago and end up in a relationship and an acting career.This book appealed to me because I have read a lot of John Green’s book and they are all really good.I have heard lots of good comments on this book such as ‘it has a serious buzz’ but it’s also ‘rude,funny and original’.The last book I read was a fiction book called Wonder by R.J.Palacio.The book is about a 10 year old boy who suffers rare face deformity,he’s been home schooled most of his life but this year he joins high school.I really liked this book and I would recommend it to any gender in secondary school.

  4. mrdettman Post author

    English Homelearning
    Reading log
    Josh Haywood

    Recently I have started the Halo book series by Karen Traviss and I’ve started the first book called Halo Grasslands.TO be honest I’m not really enjoying it I started reading it to about page 50 and couldn’t follow it so I started it again and I still can’t follow the story the book sort of all over the places with many stories form different peoples point of view. I hope that it will get better later on in the book or maybe the other books in the series will be better, I hope.

    I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in the Halo franchise and someone who likes sci-fi books because this book is based around Halo and it has action and aliens in it.

    Next I am planning to just progress through the trilogy of books after finishing the first book which are all by the same author and are all of the sci-fi genre.

    I have just finished a series of books which is the Maze runner series there are 4 books in total that I know of and I just finished reading the prequel (The 4th book) which is called Kill order and is by the same author: James Dashner and that is a series I would definitely recommend.


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