Folk Tales – Holiday Task

Based on our lesson on Folk Tales, please write your own Folk Tale, from a specific country/culture from round the world.  It could be from Africa; the Americas; Asia; Australasia or even our very own British culture.

You could choose to do a Porqoui Story (Download the help sheet attached.)

Create your own Pourquoi Story_Scaffolded

Izinganekwane_Writing Frame

…or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try your very own Zulu folk tale (Izinganekwane) – here are some examples:​  

There is also a help sheet to help you write one of these. (See above).

Please copy and paste your story into the Reply box, and don’t forget to give someone some WWW and EBI feedback on their own story.

5 thoughts on “Folk Tales – Holiday Task

  1. Amy Vennelle {072}

    I enjoyed crating Hodge heg this story has turned in to its own little novel as I rely like his clumsy carter. I love the idea of him snuffling around casing mischief. So let the story start….

    Hodge heg was probably the silliest hedge hog in the litter fore he was always wondering of. His mother always kept an eye on him which was a difficult task but with 11 hedgehogs in a litter it was almost impossible.

    surly he would wonder off from the grope one day. He has many times, learning a lesson each more important then the next. Here is his first adventure…

    It was a fine morning the sun was shining, the bees were busy trying to make the most of spring and the trees were full of squirrels. Unfortunately for Hodge heg this is the thing you miss if your nocturnal. So when Hodge heg woke up it was heaven. He waddled out side breathing in the crisp morning air. Suddenly there was a rustle in the near by bush.

    he curled up in a ball, remembering what his mother said he started counting if he counted to 10 the animal probably would of not spotted him and moved on. 1 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9…..
    “BBOOOOOOOO!” A squeaky voice squeaked. ” Can you play with me?”
    “I’m to clever for that trick” He boasted, thinking that the animal wanted to get him out of his ball. Hedgehogs are very proud of their spikes because not many animals have spikes all over their body’s.

    Although he was doubting that the animal wanted to eat him he stayed put. “Wow! A talking conker.” The animal said. Hodge heg like most hedgehogs were very proud of his spikes and thought it was an insult to be thought of a conker. The poor animal she started a riot with out knowing.

    That was the last straw. He was up and complaining in a wink. “I bet you can’t guess my name.”
    “Easy Gin-gin” He said, remerging the slightly Ginger hedgehog in the litter.
    “Nope. “It said
    “Close, close!”

    The temptation in saying her name got to big. “HAZELNUT!!!!!” The two played for a bit until Hazelnut nut decided to play tree tag and disappeared in to the trees. Hodge heg wondered around calling for Hazelnut. Now its time to introduce another charter, a fox. Just the animal who would snap up a tasty little morsel of a hedgehog.

    When Hodge heg was calling out for hazelnut, he woke him up. Unfortunately Hodge heg is short sighed so all he could see was a ginger, fluffy thing. What dose that sound like? Answer : Squirrels. The fox came closer, closer. Hodge hog could see Mr tod more and more clearly. It was not until he came close enough to see his yellow, pointy teeth that he decided to do one thing…. run.

    He ran until he came under a conker tree where he saw a conker shell on the forest floor. “O’ Mother you will not believe what has happened…..” He stopped realizing what he was talking to. He just realised that he had learnt a valuable lesson: things aren’t always what they seem.

    By Amy Vennelle.

  2. lily

    once upon a time there was a little girl called fingfow , she was chinese and lived with her grandfather and grandmother called tingto quag and ching hon . They always told her that when she went into the words she had to be careful because of the big bad red dragon that roamed the woods and if you ever met him in the woods at 12:00 pm exactly you would never you’re families ever again , but this was urgent fingfow had to go out and get a special liquid from a plant from the woods because her grandfather had food poisoning and her grandmother needed that liquid and she happened to come across the dragon she didn’t know what to do so she decided to say hello the monster turned round and said hello there child how are you fingfow noticed that he had the special liquid in his hands . so she just simply asked ”can i have that special liquid thats in your hands please” and the dragon replied ”oh you want this liquid well if you want this you will have to do something for me in return” and i said ”what will that be” and the monster replied by saying ” you have to promise that you did not see me here tonight don’t go off and tell the villagers if you do i will and i wont regret eat you” .

    So when he gave her the special liquid all she did was run she ran so much that she couldn’t feel her legs when she got home. But because she was so scared of the monster she told all of the villagers about the dragon so they all went after him but they didn’t catch and next time fingfow went into the woods the dragon done what he promised he ate fingfow and she was never saw again.

    So the moral of this story is never break you’re promises especially dragons.

  3. Amy Vennelle {072}

    Brilliant Lily,
    you added a moral in your story and added it clearly at the bottom. You have got a consequence in your story. I think that you have been brave and set your story in a different culture (in China). And one of your characters is a dragon witch is largely associated with China (the red and gold ones are meant to be lucky). You have also given them Chinese names.

    Try and remember capital letters. Also a new person speaking goes on a new line.
    I have enjoyed reading your story from Amy Vennelle.

  4. george

    Once upon a time there was a boy (Mark)who is African. He lived with a family of lions. The boy was found by the lions at a abandoned camp site. Many people think the boy fell out of a bag without them even knowing. The boy learned how to understand and speak to the lions at the age of five(well that’s what we think). The boy was raised up from 1 year old. There was two lions, one male and one female.The lions were young when they found the boy. The two lions where being looked after because they where endangered as there family died by hunters from Buffalo City. The two lions where out hunting which is why they did no die. When they came along the young Mark they did not kill him. This is because Mark was so defenseless and He needed food and water.

    Ten years later the boy Mark still lived with the two lions. They had made a promise not to hurt each other or kill each other. That promise was kept for years and years and years. Every day one of them went to get the food. One day the female lion went missing. She had been gone for a day or two but was found in a cage in Buffalo City. They had got her out of the cage without any one noticing(that is what they fought).

    The people of the city came out looking for them. It seems they knew egsacliy where there base was. The boy had gone to the city and told them where the lions where. The two lions had been captured and been put in a cage. It had been two nights since they had been put in the cage. They broke out and they went looking for the boy. The boy had been found by the two lions and he died.

    so the moral of this story is to never break promises.


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