Pitch your next Chapter!

​Year 7, your Editor is on your back, hounding you for the next part for your story!

Your job is to keep them interested, by writing a short 2-3 paragraph pitch for your story.

You should ‘sell’ your story by not giving away the plot, but…

You should:

– Outline what happens to the character/plot (story).

– Discuss how the character reacts and responds to the situations presented to them.

– Leave the pitch on a cliffhanger or enigma (mystery).


4 thoughts on “Pitch your next Chapter!

  1. Amy Vennelle {072}

    Dear sir/mam,
    I would like to inform you that I have finished writing the sequel of weeping Willow as the story was a great success. My book sold over a million copies so people who have read the book may want to read the second book.

    Have you ever had some one who you really can’t get along with? This is a common situation that is bound to happen in someone’s life, imagine every weekend with him/her. Willow has to cope with a step mum, a spoilt step sister and a sulky little step brother. Every one expects her to settle in with Ivy.

    Willow is determined to find out how to get along with Ivy finding out what mascara would be a good start. Hold your horses things are about to get girly at house twelve, crocodile street. If only there was a cure for grumpy teenagers…


  2. Kaela Evans

    Dear Editor,
    I would like to give you some teasers for my story, if i may please read on.
    The main character in my story is called Kara Clerk. She works as an assistant at Calco ( a news tower in New York) for a famous editor called Lizzie Chiles.
    She got bitten by a radio active spider and is going to have super human “powers” like her cousin spider-man.
    She falls in love with her friend James who knows spider man and her secret as spider girl.
    Sadly his ex-girlfriend Lucy comes back for him and they end up together.
    Without James there for her anymore she turns to win her Best friend and they together help people of New York.

    So far that’s all I’ve got, if you would like more please reply.


  3. Tabby Lorimer

    Dear Editor,
    My next chapter for my story is probably going to be something like this,
    After the traumatic experience that Marie-Jane has encountered, she goes back to school. Unfortunately, news spread around about what happend. Life gets harder for her.

    She gets called names like freak, insane and weirdo. After months of writing the same interview hoping to get a final copie, she gives up. She has an unexpected letter from the hospital about her arm. Something about a girl planting a chip in there to see where she is and how meaty the arm is…..

  4. lily

    Dear editor,
    I would like to give you some teasers on the rest of my story.After the snake traps them from going anywhere.It suddenly jumped and bit charlie the eldest sister and she fell and passed out Dany and Ella didn’t know what to do so they immediately got the first aid kit out and took charlie to a safer place away from the snake. They are stuck on an island for another 2 weeks with a poisonous fanged snake with legs. what will happen next……..
    Well that’s the all your gonna get for now.


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