SEA Paragraphs – The Silver Sword

​Read a section of a story (between chapters 10-13) and write 2 to 3 S.E.A. paragraphs about how the author builds anticipation (tension).

S.E.A. Paragraphs:

Statement (make a statement about what is happening in the section you’re discussing.)

Evidence (in the form of a Quote)

Explanation (this could be an explanation of the quote you’ve chosen, or better yet, an analysis of the language used by the author in the quote – that is, by analysing how the language used builds tension).

Extension: Can you include in your comments anything about the specific language or tone used by the author to build suspense?

Here’s an EXAMPLE:

Statement: The boys appear terrified of entering the abandoned building.

Evidence The author, Simon Jones, explains how they ‘shivered’ and ‘gulped’, at the front of the house.

Explanation: He has uses these verbs, to disclose (show) to the reader just how frightened they are.  He has also made use of adjectives such as ‘dark’ and ‘looming’ to personify the house, making it seem a live and threateningly evil force; one that leads to the boys being so afraid.


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