8.2 PSHE – Mr Dettman – Healthy Eating Unit Reflection

Due: Wednesday 18th November

Comment on the following areas, discussing what you have learned during the Healthy Living and Eating unit, taking into consideration your Health Diaries that you completed.

What have you considered about:

The issues behind personal choices regarding healthy eating and healthy living. (i.e. do you feel healthy eating, sleeping patterns, water and sugar intake are important, and if so, why?  Is there a more important one of the above, or are they all important?)

The concepts of the ‘Eatwell Plate’ and the ‘Traffic Light’ system?  (are these useful tools to help prompt people about their diets / food choices?)

The long term consequences of poor diet on young people.  (Are you at risk long term?  What does a poor diet / lifestyle lead to?)

The social (society/people) and economic (money/financial) consequences of poor eating choices for individuals and society.  (What occurs if we eat badly all the time – not just ourselves, but society and our economy?)

Attitudes towards healthy eating.  (How have these changed for you?  What will you, or have you changed?)

Student Voice (give me your feedback)Do you think that this unit is an important one to study?  Has it prompted you to change your lifestyle in any way? Is there anything you think we should have covered – perhaps in more depth?


The impact on advertising on personal eating habits.  (Is the advertising industry partly to blame?)

4 thoughts on “8.2 PSHE – Mr Dettman – Healthy Eating Unit Reflection

  1. Abby Peeke

    It is really important that you eat healthily, so you get the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients, also you need to maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk of chronic diseases. You need a good night sleep of 8 hours or more to function properly. You need water to keep hydrated and to flush out your body. You need sugar to give you energy but not to much as it could lead to obesity and diabetes. All of the above are equally important as you need a balanced diet.

    The eatwell plate is a good way of showing people the different food groups and the amount of them they should eat. The traffic light system is good for getting people to review the way they eat therefore if I was red for not drinking enough water I would know I had to focus on making that section green.

    If you start off from a young age eating unhealthily then you are likely to carry on like this for the rest of your life. A bad diet can lead to high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease and much more, it can also lead to depression.

    If you eat badly it can affect the society as you can become isolated and depressed, you would stop socialising and meeting new people, this can be a problem as you wouldn’t want to go to work which would then be an economic problem because if you have a family then you wouldn’t be able to provide for them.

    Since looking at healthy eating it has made be realise how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle as without one there are many consequences, the traffic light system as helped me to understand what I need to focus to have a better lifestyle.

    This unit is an important one to study as it makes you look closer at the different ways of having a healthy lifestyle and how you can achieve that. It has prompted me to drink more water and to review my lifestyle more often.

  2. samuel clark

    I think it is important to live a healthy life, I believe that if you do not get enough sleep, or have too much sugar it will effect you. You need to sleep well, so in the morning you can work to the best of your ability. For example, if you do not get sufficient sleep, it will affect you in school or work. Furthermore, this could lead you failing your tests(maybe even your GCSE or A levels), as well as losing your job! Eating healthy is also important, it also allows you to work hard, and put in your full effort. Having the right amount of food from the different food groups is important, this links to having too much sugar. It rises your energy, and makes you hyper, which makes concentration small. Finally, water keeps you hydrated so you also give your full effort. It is healthy, but do not mistake it for flavoured water, as it is full of sugar!

    The Eatwell plate was a helpful source, as it produced information about how different types of foods affect you, and how much you need of them. For example, you need a good amount of fruit and vegetables as well as carbohydrates, but you should limit your self with salt and sugar. The traffic light symbol was not as useful, but it did help show you to reflect on how you sleep, drink and eat.

    Having a bad diet or lifestyle does not just affect your school or job work. It affects your future self, as what you will look like or how you will act. This could affect you when your eighteen, or even when you forty! Keeping a healthy life style is important, as it allows you to live longer, access more areas of life and be proud about yourself!

    If you eat badly it will affect your family and friends, as well as your local shops or teachers. For example, if you eat a lot of unhealthy foods which include salt and sugar, it could affect your family and friends with them having to spend a lot of money on unhealthy foods. Moreover, some families might not know about how to live a healthy lifestyle. It could affect economics as you could stop or quit a activity(which could be school), which does not let the teacher or worker get payed. You may also need treatment or help from the NHS or your local doctors! Finally, it might anger other people, which could give them a temper, and you could have an addiction to salt and sugar!

    I have changed as I have realised that at my age maybe more than ever, that I need to watch what I eat, drink and sleep. I have realised that if I keep a healthy lifestyle now I could carry it on through my whole life. In addition, I am not saying not to treat yourself, especially as you do need some salt and sugar!

    I do think healthy eating was a important topic to study, as it teaches you more about what you need, for your body to live a healthy life! The only thing I wish we could of covered more on, were the statistics of companies and organisations like the NHS, have to spend on people who do not live a healthy lifestyle.

    I believe that advertisements do affect people, for example, describing how could it tastes, or saying its the number one. Finally, I have noticed that two for one offers are ever only on unhealthy foods, such as choclate and sweets.

  3. jordangooch

    It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, because if you don’t, your body can get weak, you may even end up having diabetes chronic diseases, and obesity. If you don’t get enough sleep, it will effect your life at school and at home, it can make you moody, tired, and very ill, you need at least 8 hours of sleep,(it is great if you have more then 8 hours of sleep, but at least 8 hours is the recommendation for people our age and up.) Every day you should be drinking at least 2 LITRES of water (8 glasses,) I know that I am guilty of not drinking enough water/liquid all the time, but it is essential that you drink enough to keep your body functioning for the day, because it can cause headaches, migraines, illnesses. Drinking enough water helps flush out your body and keep you refreshed, you need enough water for the day to go on. Having a balanced/ healthy diet is key, balancing your food group is needed in your life, sugary foods, carbohydrates, protein, dairy, vegetables and fruit, balance this food and you should have a healthy diet. Exercise is important too, because it gets you fitter, stronger, and healthier .It is so important that you have a healthy lifestyle, because if you don’t it could make your future life extremely hard, failing G.C.S.E’S, not getting a job.

    The Eatwell plate system, is a good idea as it shows you what a balanced diet you should have, and how much of each food groups you should be eating to balance your diet, it tell you in a way, what’s good and what’s bad for you. The traffic light system is good as well because it lets you reflect on how you are eating/ drinking / sleeping compared to the average.

    If you don’t have a healthy lifestyle, the consequences are long time, it can change your looks, size, height, and how you act. if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle it can lead you to bad jobs, no jobs, bad reputation, failed G.C.S.E’S, it can effect you at any age. But if you eat well, and live a healthy lifestyle, you will live longer, look different, feel different, and feel so much better about yourself.

    If you don’t eat well, you could worry your family members, and society. If you don’t eat well and keep having to go to the doctors for the same reason, then it will cost the government and NHS lots of money, even though its your fault for not eating well. Okay I would get it if you didn’t know what the Eatwell plate was, and don’t know how to keep a balanced diet, then you would just have to ask your doctor how you should keep a balanced diet, and what the Eatwell plate was, or maybe even search online. If you did know what the important stuff is, and you are not eating well, your family would be worrying about you, and they’d have to spending all their money on bad foods, when really they could save it and buy good healthy foods. your parents/ carers may want to take time of work to look after you, which means they wont get payed, because they are taking time off of work, because you are ill, because you don’t eat a healthy diet. It is so important that you eat a healthy diet.

    I have changed, since these lessons, I realised how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle, and at my age most importantly to eat a balanced diet, sleep well, exercise a lot, drink well, 75% of your body is water, and we need to refresh our body, over and over with good healthy things. I have learnt that if I keep my healthy lifestyle up, I could still keep it well healthy when im older.

    healthy eating/ lifestyle is to me an important topic to study, because it tells you what/ how you should be eating, it helps you to learn what’s good and bad for you, and how to keep your life healthy. I think we should have learnt more about how much being unhealthy costs you, your peers, family, the government and NHS.

    I believe the advertising industries are partly to blame, because they are always putting on deals, like buy a pack of 4 for only pound, or buy one get one half price, when 1 bar/ pack is like 60P, the deals make us want to buy more, and tempt to eat more. They are also starting to make small packs/ bars of sweets, chocolate, and crisps a lot bigger, now you can get double the size for the same price, that’s really bad because it makes you think well that’s cheaper so I’ll get it, then you end up eating all of it, and its not good for your healthy eating.

  4. lilly

    Hi Sir, here is my homelearning

    What you eat largely impacts the way your body functions. Eating poorly or well can make a big difference on both the physical and mental aspects of your body. Eating a healthy diet affects your body in a positive way. You’ll notice you feel better and seem to function better. A healthy diet can balance out your body and allows it to function in its most efficient state.Eating healthfully allows your body to function better. When you eat healthfully, you feel more awake. You have more energy to spare because your body isn’t trying to run on sugar and fat. Eating a healthy mix of grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and protein gives your body all of the nutrients it needs. Eating fruits and vegetables is also believed to reduce your risk for certain cardiovascular diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer. With a healthy diet, your body physically functions better.

    The physical benefits aren’t the only positive effects of healthy eating, there are mental benefits as well. When your body is functioning at its best, not only do you feel more awake, but you are also more focused. Your focus can then bring you to do any number of activities. The more focused you are, the more you can get done. Eating healthfully can also boost you mood and lower your stress levels. Your mental health is much more stimulated with your body fulfilled and running smoothly.Eating healthfully and finishing your vegetables shouldn’t just be something a mom tells her children, it’s a lesson everyone can practice. As an adult, it’s important to get all of the vitamins and nutrients your body craves, even if you are done growing. The USDA recommends adults should get two to three servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Eating healthfully as an adult is increasingly important as your body begins to age. Your body craves healthy food to continue functioning properly and staying in a youthful condition.

    For children, the eating habits they develop in childhood will often stick with them into adulthood. It is important to teach children about healthy eating so they can become healthy adults. A child who eats healthfully is more awake and alert, allowing him to succeed in the classroom as well. Children with poor meals also are more likely to develop weight problems. Children who eat healthfully can avoid these weight problems and have the opportunity to become more active. The same physical and mental benefits are present for both kids and adults when it comes to healthy eating.important as it prevents disease, maintain a healthy weight. A healthy diet lead to a better overall performance of the mind and body. The human immune system is the best weapon against disease. However, it requires the appropriate nutrients and environment to function optimally. It is our diet and life that can either strengthen or weaken our immune system.

    Prevention of overall poor health and the many lifestyle diseases is of primary importance today. Cancers, heart diseases, stroke, hypertension and diabetes do not appear overnight but develop gradually. Their occurrences can be greatly reduced by the choice of our food we choose today which can make a great difference in our health tomorrow.

    By Lillymay Bryant 082


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