10En3 – Mr Dettman – Kenning Poem

Due: Friday 6th November

We’re going to analyse, and then write a Kenning poem – print these out at home or at school, and we’ll get these on our new Poetry display in class.https://www.youngwriters.co.uk/types-kennings

First: re-read our local Totnesian (nationally famous!) Matt Harvey’s poem, Slug. (AttachedSlug – Matt Harvey

Level 3 Target: Pick out 3 Kennings. Suggest how the poet feels about slugs. Respond in SEA paragraphs.

Level 4-5 Target: Pick our 2 Kennings. Comment on how punctuation and structure contributes to the reading of this poem? Can you support your answer with a specific example?

Level 6 Target: Do you spot any similarities in style with another of Matt Harvey’s Two Lovely Black Eyes? Make three comparisons. (AttachedTwo Lovely Black Eyes

Then: Create your own Kenning poem.


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