7En2 – Mr Dettman – Words Words Words!

Due: Friday – 16th October (4 days)

Dear Year 7, for Friday please complete on the blog, or neatly, on paper, come in having written down:

– 3 words you like (plus a short explanation of why you like using them.)

– 3 words that you struggle with spelling (Discuss what is it that you find hard about spelling these words.)

– 3 new words (Use a dictionary or thesaurus to find them, or ask your parents for some ideas!)


  1. Come up with a spelling rule for helping to spell your hard-to-spell words
  2. Look up the term: ‘Neologism‘.  Give me an example of a recent ‘neologism’ in the English language, and how it’s come about.

7 thoughts on “7En2 – Mr Dettman – Words Words Words!

  1. Kaela Evans

    I like using the word and because of the way it gives you more information I Also like the word spherical because it sounds like what it means finally I like the word reflect because of the way it make me think of a mirror or a person reflecting themselves.

    I have trouble spelling consequences, Explanation and examination.

    Words that I didn’t know about was idiomatic, neologisms and conjugate.

  2. Rory

    My 3 words that I like are ginormous because I like big things, racing car, people call me that and piggy because it’s a funny word. my 3 words that I struggle spelling are the there words, also accommodation and finally quintessential. My new words are quintessential which means the most important thing of something, rambunctious something that is hard to control and deciduous which only relates to trees.

    1. lily

      The 3 words that i like are twig because everyone calls me that because im small and i like that, i also like the word sleep because i love sleeping and the final word i like is cats because i have a cat called dandylion and i love him so much. The words that i find difficult to spell are all three there’s accommodation acquire and finally consensus. The words that are new to me are abscond which means runaway,accost which means speaking to someone and finally admonish which means take to task.

  3. shayla

    My 3 words that I like are laughing, only because I love to laugh; family because it makes me feel warm inside and finally chocolate because I like to eat it. I struggle to spell obnocsious; curcomstances and circormfrance. A toupee, is a hair piece (wig), unsophisticated, which means people do not have a wide range of experience or knowledge and the last word is placates, to placate someone you do or say something to make them stop.

  4. Eliza Worthington

    1. FLUFFY (because I love the way it sound and I love fluffy things)
    2.JIGSAW (because I think it sounds strange…)
    3.RABBIT (because it’s my favourite animal)

    1.SOPHISTICATED (because I’m not sure how to spell it with out help)
    2.ACOMMODATE (because I don’t know when it’s a good time to use it)
    3.CATASTROPHIC (because it’s a hard word to use)

    1. HYPERBOWL (Over exaggerating)
    2. ONOMATOPOEIA (Immitating a sound)
    3. BEATIFIC (Happy)

  5. Amy Vennelle {072}

    The words I have picked for my favourite are…………………..toffee, because it reminds me of an toffee averts.Toffee is AMAZING. I like the word plump because it is lovely word to say. Tangy is a interesting word to. Now on to words I find hard , dangerous , ingenious , favourite.My new words are ; assassinate ; verb to kill.
    philanthropic ; to be kind.
    gullible; to believe anything


  6. george

    My 3 words that i like are football because i like football, running because i like running and lamborghini because like the car make. The 3 words find difficult are difficult, cheater and premier. My 3 new words are sewage which means waste matter or excrement carried away in sewers, widgeon which is the same as wigeon and finally antipyretic which means reducing fever or a drug that reducing. fever


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