10En3 – Mr Dettman – Act 1 Reflection Diary

Due: Wednesday, 30th September

This will go toward your first Reporting Grade.  (Please aim for Upper Level 3 for Content – i.e. they style and content of your writing, and Level 3/4 for your SPaG – see the pictures below.

Investigation / Family Diary

Take on the role as either a house member, or Inspector Goole, write an A4 page, in character, of a personal diary (as a family member) / investigation journal (if you’re the Inspector).

When should the diary be dated?  Think about when it was written.

How does the character feel about the other characters asking the questions / responding?

How do they feel about other characters in the house?

Do they feel blame (family) or where do they feel blame lies (Goole)?

How do they feel about Eva Smith?

What do they think will happen next?

VCOP Focus: Connectives (to connect and build shorter, simple sentences) and Punctuation.  Commas and regular full stops as a priority.


5 thoughts on “10En3 – Mr Dettman – Act 1 Reflection Diary

  1. elliothobson

    Mr birling’s personal diary

    November 13

    To whoever is reading this today inspector Goole interrogated all of us about a girl named Eva smith. I recognised that name in an instant but I tried to keep in hidden, but inspector Goole got all the information he needed right out of me. He stared asking questions and I answered them openly. After he he was finished with me he stared on some one else but I’m so tired after all that I can’t possibly remember all of it.

    It was so horrid answering all these questions because every one was still in the room inspector Goole was not like other inspectors who ask one or the other to leave he lets them all run out crying about what they had done to have Eva smith take steps to her own death.

    But I can’t believe that he stuck the blame on me. I hate that over it all. As well as that no matter what he said I just denied it all I dint and still dont feel guilty for that rotten Eva smiths death in any way. But the others they just where running out the room and crying I just could not believe it. I just could not allow this to go on so I asked him to leave but he did not so I had to carry on being interrogated.

    I just hated that Eva smith so much I cant believe she put my whole work force on strike I’m glad I fired her. But no this Eva smith decided she wanted to up set my daughter and fall in love with my step son and Eric, she is such a rotten bottom class pig.

    But so far I think that inspector Goole is going to come back and interrogate us I just can’t wait to see his face when we wait lets not spoil it …

  2. Aaron Smith

    Priestley’s love of dramatic irony is biting here, and his irony is never more satirical than in these comments of Birling’s, which, to his original audience in 1946, must have seemed more controversial than they do today because the sinking of the ship was within people’s memory. Symbolically, just as the Titanic is destined to sink, so too is Birling’s political ideology, under the Inspector’s interrogation. The ship was a titan of the seas, and its imminent failure “next week” suggests the dangers of capitalistic hubris, illustrating the risk of the entrepreneur.Birling is taking an individualist, capitalist point of view about personal responsibility, and his lines here provide the general attitude of his speeches since the play began. According to him, experience proves that his point of view is correct, in contrast to the possibly more idealistic “youngsters.” Yet, the bell marks the moment at which the Inspector arrives, and it is no accident that the socialist-leaning Inspector arrives at precisely this moment.

  3. mrdettman Post author

    This has got to be your OWN writing, Aaron. Also, it has to be an imaginary DIARY. Pick a character and then write from their perspective – how you think they might think and what they might say.

    And by the way, reading through your response – what is ‘hubris’?

  4. mrdettman Post author

    Posted on behalf of Tia Noon:

    Dear Diary,
    Today is 22nd of September 1912 I still think that my sister that got that girl fired she thinks she is the queen just because she is in the upper class. I feel like all of the people my mum, dad, sister and her fiancé are to stuck up of any of theas types of people that are not in are category of class.
    I think that Mr.B feels blame because she said no to her sons girlfriend that is pregnant and know so does everyone because every think links together everyone has some think to do with Eva smiths death.

    I feel that Eva smith is a victom that was just a girl from the lowest class to meet someone from a higher class and get moved around a couple of jobs meet someone they take care of her for 1-2 weeks then she leaves and finds MR.B son that got her pregnant.

    I think that they find Eva smith because she isn’t dead and she vanishes and no one know where she has gone until the very end.

  5. Sam

    Dear Diary,
    Today has been one of these days where nothing seems to go right. I think that Eva smith is not dead but in fact just hiding away. I can’t believe I dismissed her off in the shops not knowing that she worked for my dad in the past. Mr b as everyone likes to call him well he is just a up class arrogant person.


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