8PS2 – Mr Dettman – Sleep, Fluid, Exercise and Sugar/Salt intake

Due: 1st October (2 weeks)

8PSE, with some great Health Diaries coming in, I’d like us to zero in to specific areas of our health – those that perhaps may affect us the most.

Please keep a further Health Diary of 2-3 days, with at LEAST one WEEKDAY and one WEEKEND where you compare the following:

  • Sleep Diary (How long? How did you feel when you woke up?  Do you feel you had too much or too little?  Did this change according to the weekend/weekeday?)
  • Fluid Diary (Average intake per day.  What types of fluids do you take in? Average sugar content High, Medium, Low of the type of drinks.)
  • Salt and Sugar Content in your foods (look at the traffic-light system on the packs of some of the foods you eat.)


  • Exercise diary (Some of the types of exercise; how long etc.)


What type of exercise do you do?  Mostly Aerobic or Anaerobic?

How will you change/alter your health if you were scoring yourself any ‘Red/’Amber’ lights’? Would you like to set any goals?


Mr Dettman


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