8En2 – Mr Dettman – Animal Charity Leaflet

Due: Monday, 21st September (hand in to Mme. Ford-Attia)

Dear Year 8,

For next Monday (6 days), please construct one (or a whole fold-able leaflet if you’re feeling confident and are a bit of a tech-genius) page of a persuasive animal charity leaflet (see the example below), where you use the slow-writing technique for one section of your leaflet. (See guide below).

write club

You may choose to complete this on computer (I’d recommend Publisher), or hand draw/write it.  The best will go on display.

Extension: Ensure you use at least 5 types of the PERSUADE techniques we have learned over the last week.  Attach a note to explain which you have used, and their intended effect on the reader.

Animal Charity Leaflet

Animal Charity Leaflet

One thought on “8En2 – Mr Dettman – Animal Charity Leaflet

  1. Pippa

    Hi Sir
    Here is my homework
    Do you want to lose all the snow leopards in the world to go?
    Snow leopards are going endangered as we speak. There are only 3,500 snow leopards in the world. We have to do everything we can to support this endangered animal.do you really want to lose these beautiful creatures I know I don’t. Not enough people support these poor animals and yes I mean you! Some people may say we need to support children in Africa, but we need to think about the leopards to. These poor animals need your help several of them are killed or die from illness. In conclusion I believe that these animals need all the help they can get so all I am asking is help from you.


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