10En3 – Mr Dettman – An Inspector Calls – Learning Grid

Due: Friday, 18th September 2015

The Learning Grid Challenge!

An interesting Home Learning, that’ll challenge you to think outside the box, forming connections from your understanding of the play.

Click on this Learning Grid:

Learning Grid AIC HL

For you HL: Go to the link at the end of this paragraph, to role your 6-faced die (one ‘die’, two ‘dice’, did you know that?), first moving down by that number.  Then role it again, and then move to that number across. Click for theDice Rolling Site

For example, if you first roll a 3 then a 6, you would have landed on the image of
a man and woman. Your first task is to explain the relevance (why it’s important) of that image (or word/s) to Act One of An Inspector Calls.

Next, you should repeat the process and then explain any links between the two cells. So, for example, if you next roll a 5 then a 4, you would explain how men and women connect with Mr Birling. In this case, you might comment:

Mr Birling seems to have rather traditional values about men and women; he’s clearly a man who believes in the family name and reputation being made by the ‘alpha male’ (strongest male) of the household, and treats the ‘girls’ he employs as second class citizens.

For your HL, complete three rolls and make three short paragraph comments. 

If you’re feeling lucky, try 5 rolls!  (I’ll give you a HL positive).

Here’s the Play if you’d like to download a copy to go back over Act 1, or for later reference: Inspector Calls Complete


6 thoughts on “10En3 – Mr Dettman – An Inspector Calls – Learning Grid

  1. karleigh

    young vs old younger people are more flexible then older people and they have more strength. the light can be everywhere but it is only where you are looking i got a lamp i got a man and a woman they are both opposite genders and they both have different personality then each other.i got Shelia i think she is a young woman and likes to act all cute and the inspector does not talk to her until last because she does not know the inspector is there. i got Berlin and co i think Berlin is the man who likes to be better then the rest and hates to lose in a fight and he is the one who fired Eva smith and is know acting all inerrant and saying that he has don e nothing wrong and he does not want the inspector to talk to anyone but him.sir i got we want fair wadges i think that is about not having enough money if they don’t work and have a child with problems which is not fair.

  2. karleigh

    i played the game five times and i rote about each turn that i took i actually liked this home-learning it was a lot more easier for me and i think it will be for others two bye sir see you tomorrow

  3. elliothobson


    Marriage for men is not a big thing back in those times because for them it was just saying yes to more business (for higher classes I mean) and for women it was an act of love and joy and compassion.

    Back then men and women where separated men where seen as the stronger smarter better race and women where seen as lower class people who work or just there to love the man and make him feel good about themselves and women also where seen as house maids to clean the house.

    The hospitals and other medical services had to be paid for back then and you would have to wait a ridicules an amount of time just to get a walking stick and then find the money to pay for it (I think it would be better to find a stick in the forest) and if you where dyeing then if they did bring you back up to your former health then you would have to pay for it after wood’s.

    Sir i’m sorry but for some reason i dint like this home work i like have the work i have to do in front of me on my computer rather than have to read then play then read then play but the fact is i dint take a liking to this home work more than i would have like a task at hand like one question for five different thing but thanks for the home sir see you later.

  4. Tia Noon

    1) magna-fine glass is important to inspector calls by looking for finger prints and other parts in an investergation.
    2) factory is for mr birlings employ people for cheep labour and not many people agree but at that time it was a capitalism society round them times.
    3)power is like mr birling he has a lot of money there for he is in the high class and has more power than the lower classes.

  5. mrdettman Post author

    Posted on behalf of Tyler Grimes:

    Mr Birling

    Mr Birling could be jealous about the about the skills that the inspector has that Mr Birling doesn’t have. He is very disturbed when the inspector walked in the house.

    Factory work place

    In the factory that Mr Birling was running there could have been a lot of injuries in the time people/worker where working there.

    Young vs old

    I think that the young people might got a lot more money than the older people because the older might not have the abilities to work unlike the older people.

  6. Aaron Smith

    Young Vs Old well young people are more better then old people because when you see old people they can not do much they only sit does not do a lot but when you see younger they can do a lot more like skating running a more other stuff and does more heavy stuff does not have problem or bad things happening to them but old people has problem like heart attack and other things happen to them.

    The thing is about the old people they can’t skate or do more heavy lifting because with they do they can hurt them self for picking up heavy stuff but some old people I see can pick up something a bag that it but the young people can do like Example 150 pound weight young people can do that but old people can’t or they can hurt them self make them have a heart attack brake there arms leg neck anything on a old man/woman but young people can do it cause they will not brake there legs,back,shoulders,neck, anything on the there body


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