7En2 – Mr Dettman – The Power of Learning

Due: Friday, 18th September 2015

Plan and create a piece of narrative writing (story) called ‘The Power of Learning‘.

This can be fictional (made up), or based on a real event within a class.

I’d like to see a quick PLAN above your work, before you start (this Plan can be written down if your story is being typed up.) which might include a paragraph-by-paragraph idea of how your story will progress (move along.)

Try and incorporate (include) some aspects (parts) of what we have been learning about the ‘Literacy Brain‘ (Remember the rhyme: ‘SPaG and Vocab‘) and ‘What makes an English Expert?’

  • Typed answers minimum half an A4 Word-processed page.
  • Written pieces, a page or more.

Extension: What is an ‘allegory’? How is your story, an ‘allegory’ for the Power of Learning?  What is the message of your story, and how have you conveyed (given) the reader this message?

I look forward to reading your responses, Year 7.

Mr Dettman


5 thoughts on “7En2 – Mr Dettman – The Power of Learning

  1. Michael

    The Power of Learning

    Once upon a time, Billy is a good person now it is Max works bad but Billy works good and Max woos a good with food but Billy woos not good with food Max’s his mum woos not good with learning but Billy’s with mum woos good at learning.
    Billy was a better learner because he krar a junol and we lik to learning

  2. lily heaton

    one day there was a rabbit and a snail they were both looking at a sign saying that on Saturday there will be a running race, anyone who would like to do the race sign up here.Both the snail and the rabbit signed up for the race.

    Its the day of the race and the rabbit is showing of how much he is going to win the race ”ha ha you know i am going to win”

    Its nearly time for the race the rabbit is talking to his friends saying ”i am going win this race like eating a piece of cake you just watch me. the snail snail over hears the rabbit and says ”oh yeah well you just wait and see then we will find out who wins at the end of the race then shall we.

    As the rabbit and the snail come to the starting line and the snail says ”you just wait and see then we will find out who wins. Then suddenly, they heard a gun shot and as soon as they heard that they were off, the rabbit went shooting off as fast as he could so he could win the race. But about half way in the race the snail saw the rabbit walking because he was so out of breath and just at that moment the snail got a giant burst of energy and he shot right past the rabbit so quickly that the snail won the race .

    So the message in that story was slow and steady wins the race.

    by lily heaton 072 BR

  3. Rory

    The power of learning

    Baxter has learning difficulties and was rubbish. All his friends were better than him and he thought it was unfair. Some people were even saying how much better they are than him they say HA HA you are so rubbish at it.
    So day and night Baxter worked on his English so hard he felt sick. Sometimes he would stay up all night studying SPaG and other things. After much hard work he finally became better than his friends.


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