9En1 – Mr Dettman – Reading Challenge

Due: Tuesday 8th September (Short, overnight task)

Choose a book for the Reading Challenge.  Remember that it should be challenging (but not TOO difficult).

Give your reason for selecting that particular book (might be to do with enjoying that specific Genre of book – Sci-Fi; Drama; Action; Non-fiction etc.) and what your expectations of the book are.

VCOP Focus – you should use OPENERS to start your sentences. e.g. Here’s several reasons why I think I’ll like this book.  Firstly…  Furthermore, I liked it because… etc.

Extension: What is your reaction to the picture below?  Have you had first hand experience of this with a novel / set of novels?  Tell us about it.



6 thoughts on “9En1 – Mr Dettman – Reading Challenge

  1. Harry Bowen 9En1 (Reading Challenge Home Learning)

    The Hobbit
    J.R.R. Tolkien

    When I was in year 6 I read this book, in time for the movies to be released, at the beginning of the Summer Holiday I began to read this book again, I have nearly finished it I am on the chapter “On the doorstep” but I still love this book and I love immersing myself into Tolkien’s world.
    Harry B. 9En1
    Extension: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies; A man who never reads lives only one.
    I think it means if you read you feel like you are side by side with a character and you live them with that certain character, others like to imagine themselves in a particular character. If you don’t read on the other hand you live, maybe not alone but you only live one life, your own.

  2. Harry Toon 9EN1

    The Best Of Me
    Nicholas Sparks
    Last Summer when I went to the cinema I watched a film called ” The Best Of Me ” and I loved it. In the recent summer holidays I found out there was a book for it so Immediately I brought it. I’m about half way through now and I am In love with the book. One of the reasons why I love it is because from a hard day at school I open up the book and already I feel like I am escaped in my own world.
    “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies; A man who never reads lives only one.”
    I think it means that when ever you read a book you feel like you are a character and you escape into this new life and a new atmosphere and no matter how much you never want to stop reading, but on the other hand if you don’t read you don’t build up this wonderful imagination what makes your life feel different every day.

  3. Ollie G

    The Dead
    Last year in the last term of school I started to read the enemy series by Charlie Higson. I really enjoyed reading and I got emersed into it straight away. However, the ending was a cliffhangar, meaning I was desperate go read the next. So I got the second book “The Dead”. I love how the main characters are my age, so I can really relate to them.
    I think the quote is explaining, a regular reader, will become a thousand characters because of their emersion In a book. When a non reader reads, they live only theirs

  4. josh rogers


    Firstly I like this book because I like quest and books where the there is a villain in. I’m half way through it and Its a pleasure to read. Secondly, I like this book because in my head its feels like a movie so when it feels like a movie for me , I am enjoying this book.


    ” A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies; A man who never reads lives only once.”
    For me this is an inspirational quote because you enjoy reading so you don’t get bored.

  5. Max Prettyjohns

    Void Moon
    by Michael Connelly

    I like these books as they’re mysterious and hard to follow.
    The whole series is murder based and this book is part of the series, im not sure if the characters are the same as from the other books, but i think that is for me to find out when i read this incredible book.

    This quote is inspirational, i think the meaning is that reading gives us knowledge and knowledge is power.

  6. Ellie

    Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
    By Suzanne Collins.

    I am reading this book because I like reading action books. This particular book has an element of romance to it which I also enjoy. I have read the previous book which I also really enjoyed. I hope anyone who reads these books will enjoy them as much as I did.


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