9En1 – Mr Dettman – News Article

Due: Thursday, 9th July

Please complete a News Article, appropriate for Readers of an On-line Newspaper using the following criteria:

Focus of Article: 

The Mix Music Trip             Sports Day       Wimbledon        Year 5/6 Taster/Transition days        Summer Fete

Register (tone you take with a specific target audience): Parents and Children

You should aim to make the article around 200-300 words long, and capture a real sense of the experience itself for your readers.  What was the atmosphere?  What were the highlights of the day? Sum up the success of the day/experience.


11 thoughts on “9En1 – Mr Dettman – News Article

  1. Katie L

    Last Friday, 3rd July, the annual sports day took place at Dartmouth Academy. Each tutor group got given a different country that they could represent for the day. Each tutor group then had a week to design their flag.

    The opening ceremony took place as each group walked up to the field with the accompaniment of the Academy’s samba band- holding their flags to represent their house. Whether it be Brittania, Mayflower, Beagle or Speedwell- each and every house put in their all in each of the games and races.

    There were a vast variety of sports taking place on the day, ranging from long jump to 800m, rounders to kabaddi.

    Kabaddi is a game that is a tradition to the Academy which involves two attackers to tag the defenders, who then have to tag the attackers. The team that wins is the team who has the most players in the game at the end of the time.

    No one knows for sure which house has won the sports day overall, apart from the teachers, that is. All will be revealed for the students during the end of term assembley.

    The highlight of the day for everyone was the staff relay. The staff included a media teacher, to a history teacher to LSA’s. As well as a lot more. Beagle won, Mr. Dettman was definitley the fastest; hence the reason why they won.

    In the end, all that matteres is that everyone had a good time.

  2. mrdettman Post author

    Have a quick read through this and proofread for small errors. Also, any more interesting punctuation or connectives that you could use here?

  3. mrdettman Post author

    The Mix – 30th June 2015
    On Tuesday the 30th of June 2015, the year ten music class of Dartmouth Academy – along with three year nines – visited the “Devon Schools Music Mix”, where they participated in “Battle of the Bands” and the “Open Mic Sessions”. The day was enjoyable for all, with a variety of activities available, such as DJ Samba workshops.
    The three year nines were up first, taking part in the “Open Mic Sessions”. They performed an acoustic cover of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”; they did really well, considering how nervous they were. They accompanied themselves by playing their guitars, and singing harmonies.
    Next was the battle of the bands, where the year tens performed “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone, putting all the other schools to shame, with their stunning performance. After a brief discussion they then bravely decided to perform “Price Tag” by Jessie J, with no prior rehearsals. Taking into consideration that they hadn’t rehearsed this in a while, they did fantastically! Unfortunately they did not win, only because of the fact that they were such a great audience to others, in good sportsmanship, cheering on the other bands, and allowing them to win.
    The whole day was excellent, and the year nines can’t wait until next year, when they will get to take a chance to compete in the battle of the bands themselves!

    Katie Stevens

    Year 9

  4. Chessie

    On Friday 3rd July, Dartmouth Academy held a sports day bringing many years together through competitive spirit. Each tutor group had a country that they would try to gain points for, giving them a country to root for. Events included 100m sprint, 800m sprint, 50m sprint, kabaddi, speed bounce and rounders.

    A warning was issued out a day before the event cancelling if the weather wasn’t great. The weather was better than expected, clear almost. This put the warning completely out of context.

    There was also a highly anticipated teachers’ relay involving tutors running for their countries; Mr Dettman was especially enthusiastic because, when the relay dawned upon him, he did a victory jump. The team spirit of the day was extremely uplifting, especially 9MA’s (Mexico), who did chants whenever they played kabaddi and by the end of the day, they were hoarse.

    Overall, the atmosphere for the whole day was buzzing with excitement and happiness. Everybody also tried their hardest on all events, making a hard decision for medal positions. Nobody knows the results yet, we have to wait until the end of term assembly in a fortnight’s time. The last few weeks’ atmosphere will be tense until that time.

  5. Jonah

    The time has come again for us to get madly supportive for all our athletes again, yes, Wimbledon has arrived. After Andy Murray gathered momentum after winning his first grand slam, and eventually won Wimbledon for the first time two years ago, tension has been building for quite some time now for the British number one to retain the title once more.

    I believe, and I sure most sport fans would agree, that Murray winning isn’t just about us as a nation doing well, it encourages the younger generation to get active, which will mean the obesity percentage goes down and the healthcare system gets less crowded. For example, right after Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France, almost definitely the most important and competitive cycling competition, the number of cyclists in Britain went up dramatically. Another example was the 2012 Olympics, which again, increased the amount of sport younger people were doing.

    However, if we consistently win some sports the public seem to lose interest, probably because it means more for them if there competitor is the underdog. As a result people get more excited and motivated to do sport if they do win not as the favourite. An example of this domination being negative is again the 2012 Olympics, where America got the most gold medals in the games, and they still have almost 70% of adults considered overweight.

    In conclusion it is always a good thing for British sportsmen to win major events, because, let’s face it, we will probably never dominate a certain sport for too long, just because we are a relatively small country compared with the main winners like the USA and Russia. So let’s enjoy having a great men’s tennis player while it lasts.

  6. Georgia

    The annual Dartmouth Academy sports day recently snuck up on us, leaving both students and staff excited for competition. The academy frequently win local tournaments in a range of sports, so sports day was the perfect opportunity to practice their burning passion.

    The Academy started off the day with a display march around the school field, where students showed off the handmade flags they produced to represent each country. Music students from Drum Line accompanied the rest of their peers, as they played an invigorating tune. The track events soon followed, these included 50m sprint; 100m sprint; and 800m sprint. Each first place winner was given a medal and 2nd and 3rd places were awarded certificates. Heated games of kabaddi and rounders we played by all years, meaning each tutor group had to work as a team and had to develop tactical skills.

    Students particularly enjoyed the staff relay races, which were taken rather seriously. As a team, they had to run 400m. Teachers and LSAs steamed ahead, leaving the students in awe.

    This year was the first year without a BBQ lunch, this was cancelled due to expected weather conditions, but to everyone’s great surprise, the sun shone and the rain held off. Although there wasn’t an organised lunch for students, ice creams and drinks were available for purchase in the field, contributing further to the warm, summer atmosphere.
    The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all, and both students and staff look forwards to next year’s sports day.

  7. Saul :P

    On the 3rd of July, Dartmouth Acamdey held it’s annual sports day. It was a great succses with all students taking part in a vieraity of different sports.
    The sunny day started off with the opening ceremony, students paraded around the school field to drums and other music instruments, this created a very competitive atmosphere among the students and prepared them for the events later to come. Unlike usual school sports day, at Dartmouth Academy each tutor represented a country and created a “tutor flag”, from artistic drawings to photoshoped faces each flag had originality.

    After the opening ceremony the sports events started, activities included the 100m, 800m, rounders, kabaddi, and speed bounce. Each and every student took part in events, expressing the academies love for sports. Track events such as the 100m saw student’s putting 110% effort into their race, while team events such as rounders saw tutors working together to beat the opposition.
    After lunch was the staff relay, competing were the academy finest teachers and LSA’s. Speeding around the track and leaving students amazed with her speed was Mrs Ford.

    At the end of the day we saw the 100m finals and the students relays. Running in the heat is not to everybody taste, however all the students again put 110% effort

  8. finners

    my article is on Wimbledon

    The American hit 17 aces and 46 winners to overcome Azarenka in an intense contest that lasted two hours and five minutes.
    “It was really fun out there,” said Williams. “I was smiling at one point and I saw Victoria smiling as well. We both really enjoyed it.
    “It’s been up and down, up and down, but somehow I’m still alive. I’m just happy to be here.”
    Azarenka knew she could trouble Williams, having taken her to three sets twice during the recent clay-court season and squandering three match points against the American in Madrid.
    After surviving some early pressure on serve, the Belarusian broke for 3-1 after her power drew an error and then converted her third set point with a raking forehand winner.
    The standard of hitting was remarkable, each putting the other under huge pressure on serve early in the second.
    Azarenka fought off three break points in game four, Williams then saved herself with a big serve and a backhand in game five.
    The key moment came when Williams broke to lead 4-2 with a dipping backhand, setting up a run of seven straight games that effectively decided the match.
    Azarenka threatened to break back when offered one last chance as Williams served for the match, but almost inevitably the world number one found an ace to see off the danger and sealed victory moments later.
    Sharapova back in the last four

    Former champion Sharapova withstood some heavy hitting from American Coco Vandeweghe to reach her fifth Wimbledon semi-final.
    The fourth seed was under pressure after losing the second set but recovered to beat the world number 47 6-3 6-7 (3-7) 6-2 in the opening match on Centre Court.
    “You have to give everything,” said the 2004 winner.

  9. Urchy

    Last Friday on the 3rd of July, Dartmouth academy had their annual sports day, filled with sporty challenges and medals to be won.
    Some of the challenges included:
    Long jump
    High jump
    And Rounders.
    Each tutor group had there own flag of different countries for instance, Mr Risdon’s tutor group had an Australian flag, and even an inflatable kangaroo! Apart from having only your tutor as a team, the main competition is between the 3 different groups. But this year was special. The old group Speedwell returned to take part in sports day. The group was originally discarded when the school realised it was more simple just to have 3 groups, but this year there were four.

    Parents and family were free to watch there sons/daughters/family take part in this exciting day too. There was also a stand with very cheap yet tasty food. Everything was perfect, even the weather didn’t betray the school. It was scorching hot, so people had to stay hydrated and apply sun cream.
    You don’t have to come first to win something either! 2nd and 3rd place contestants both get certificates, but only the person in first place wins the medal- a very handsome fellow I know came 3rd in long jump too! Glad to know it was a nice day.

  10. julie

    The day has finally come again full with sports ,cheering , team work and competition. Every student at Dartmouth academy participated in one track a field event of their choice cheering could be heard as the students screamed out supporting their house subsequently loosing their voices. It was a great atmosphere described as ecstatic every one was excited ,the effort of the students was brilliant many were shattered after woods , therefore , they were pushed to their limits.
    The students also took part in team events developing their team working skills , they were in their teams tension was high as worked to their limit .Every person in the teams got involved as well as being focused on the game. In rounder’s their were many great shots however in kabaddi participants were light on their feet as well as being as being fast it was a great game to watch.
    Despite the great atmosphere in the games the success of the day was earlier that day…The day started of with a great parade which each tutor group was represented by a country , the bright posters were marched in parade to the start of the day. This event was accompanied by the loud and proud samba band whilst the tutors were supporting their countries they chanted in happiness.
    Dartmouth’s Academy’s sports day on Friday the 3rd of June was loud and proud. I as well as many students enjoyed the day it was a great success as Dartmouth is a spots loving school with massive determination. However the highlight of my day was leaving after becoming very tired yet it was a great experience , I will never forget overall sports day was a great success.

  11. Jenna

    The time arrived again last Friday, 3rd July, for the annual Dartmouth Academy Sports Day. Sports day is a time for the primary and secondary side of Dartmouth Academy to join together in sporty triumph to participate in sport all day long. Enjoyed by everone, I believe it would be a lie to suggest that the day was not a great success.

    The event-filled day started off with a parade around the school field of every tutor group showing off their fantastic flags for their designated country. With the drumline leading the parade whilst performing, the sense of pride shone through with each tutor group. Each flag was then displayed after Mr Carpenter got the whole school buzzing for the day ahead.

    The events of the day included a game of rounders, a game of kabadi, track events and athletic events. If I were to decide, I would say that the most popular event was the staff relay, (who wouldn’t enjoy watching their teachers sprint for their dignity?) as it was a great success within the students, as they all got their electronic devices out as they filmed their ‘favourite’ teacher run around a section of the school field as they tried to overtake their fellow colleagues.

    All in all, sports day was a great event for the whole school to enjoy and participate in. You did, however come in on Monday morning to the sight of many students with red, sunburnt faces. But I can’t wait for sports day to come around again next year.


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