10En1 Talking Heads SRA Due Monday 22nd June

Your dreams have come true and all I’m asking you to do is watch TV! Well, almost…it’s old TV on YouTube. Gather your parents around the computer and take them on a trip down memory lane to the early 90s when Alan Bennett wrote his brilliant series ‘Talking Heads’. Please watch either ‘Nights in the gardens of Spain’ or ‘The outside dog’. If you find another that takes your fancy, go ahead and watch it. Write a brief summary of what is revealed through the monologue.

For your CA you will need to develop a character through your own monologue so focus on forming some initial ideas on how Bennett does this.

Please don’t worry if you don’t ‘get it’ or find it boring – it’s new and the format will seem strange compared with all the funky, fast-moving stuff you youngsters watch these days. Stick with it for the full 45ish minutes – it’s genius!

Ps I know I won’t see you consistently because of PPEs next week but watch this by the time I see you please.


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