9En1 – Reflection (for Mr Bakewell)

Reflect on your learning for this academic year. How have you moved forward? How much have you read? Have you learned from reading, listening to your teachers, listening to others or ‘doing’? You have GCSEs in two years’ time – do you feel prepared? Are you thinking about your musical/theatrical/sporting performances next year? In which subjects have you learned the most? Are you thinking about work experience? What has been the highlight of your year? Is Year 9 better or worse than Year 8?
Take half an hour to mindmap your thoughts and feelings in your small book.


5 thoughts on “9En1 – Reflection (for Mr Bakewell)

  1. Georgia

    In my opinion, year 9 has been better than year 8 because people have been more focussed and more people have started to care more about their GCSEs. This has meant that I have been able to concentrate better and have been encouraged by my peers more. I have improved my analytical skills; interpretive skills; and have started reading a wider variety of books.- This has helped me to understand different peoples’ perception on topics and has broadened my vocabulary.
    I have been finding D4P and PPP helpful, as they have enabled me to reflect rapidly and have allowed me to measure the differences between pieces of work. Peer marking is also helpful because it is immediate.

    The highlight of this year’s English lessons was the politics topic, I learnt lots about: rhetorical devices; speech writing, and also delivery and importance of an interesting and engaging speech. The politics topic was my favourite because it is current and concerns all of us.
    I think that if I carry on enjoying and engaging in the English lessons, I will be ready for my exams in 2 year’s time. I feel I have learnt most in History; Georgraphy and French lessons, because this is the first year I have studied a topic in real depth in these subjects, and we also frequently take tests in all of these subjects. This means we revise more and discover gaps in our knolwledge.

  2. Jonah

    Year 9 has brought along some interesting challenges, the stress of starting GCSEs and the introduction of even more home learning, but it has meant I have left negatives such as doing subjects we didn’t have any interest in behind us, but has year 9 been a more successful year than the previous year for me?

    In the middle of year 8, we were faced with choosing our options to do for GCSEs. This proved heated as always with disagreements, changing the options that I would inevitably pick. However I do feel that I picked the options that suited me the best, even if I did have to leave behind some I would have liked to have picked. The options we chose did make a big difference to the quality of lessons in my opinion. Instead of lessons being theme based, the lessons became a lot more focused. This brings the point up of why we did the topics idea as instead of doing “adaptability” which meant we weren’t doing things in a logical order and were sometimes off topic and irrelevant to the subject we were studying. Luckily in year 9 we now have no topics which frees the teachers to plan the lessons in an understandable and easier way meaning we get the most out of the subject.

    But, the change has got its negatives. We do have more stress put on us by teachers, and yes, more home learning. I feel if you do the homework on the day it gets set, the homework doesn’t pile up and you have a completely free weekend. But others tend to leave it all to the night before and end up getting lots of detentions, but as a person who does the first method homework doesn’t impact me too much.

    Another change I feel has made a positive effect on me is the drum lessons changing from shared to singular. This means you get double the amount of time learning and I believe it is making me double as good. This may not affect many other people but the people I do know who have drum lessons agree that it’s much better than having to share with someone.
    However, going into year 9 has meant that next year we are going to do work experience instead of activities week. I understand that work experience does give us a chance to get a feel for what work is like but the summer trips were one of my favourite things about year 8 and 7 and I, along with many other year 9 students would prefer if we could at least get to do both, or half of the week work and half on a residential.
    In conclusion despite the extra homework and pressure on us starting our GCSEs I do think that year 9 was by far better than year 8, this is as I found the topic idea to be a bit pointless and unnecessary and I didn’t like doing as many subjects as I did back then.

  3. finners

    yr 9 has been a great year for me.It has been filled with great fun and opportunity to improve and build on your mistakes from earlier in the year, I know I definitely have improved seems that I am now in a higher english group. we as as year have been reflecting, and learning new things. since year eight i have learnt so many techniques and moved on to higher and harder work which is pushing me to succeed in the future.

  4. Nadia

    How have you moved forward?
    I have moved forward by helping other people more in their working when they need it.
    How much have you read?
    I have read quite alot this year. Including The Hunger Games Trilogy and The Twilight Saga.
    Have you learned from reading, listening to your teachers, listening to others or ‘doing’?
    Yes, because of Rally Robin that we do in some classes.
    You have GCSEs in two years’ time – do you feel prepared?
    Yes, because we have already started our course work in some classes.
    Are you thinking about your musical/theatrical/sporting performances next year?
    Yes, mainly Music.
    In which subjects have you learned the most?
    Art, Ethics and History as we get to learn in our own way.
    Are you thinking about work experience?
    Not really but i want to do something to do with music.
    What has been the highlight of your year?
    The highlight of the year is when we did Ethics on a skills day and did a day on 9/11.
    Is Year 9 better or worse than Year 8?
    Year 9 has been better because we start the course work early.

  5. lucybranton

    I wasn’t sure if we were supposed to write this in class? Oh well!

    In my opinion, Year 9 has definitely been a better year than Year 7 or 8. I agree that there has been ups and downs, and stress and pressure is going to keep piling up on us. But that’s all about what the real world is- stress; deadlines; pressure; assignments; emotions; journeys.
    I feel that the pressure put on us this year has allowed us all to flourish and to prosper, and to polish our skills, to be prepared for when the exams come. It’s scary to think that in September the whole of Year 9 will be in Year 11. I know with the right guidance, and the right help, I will feel confident when my exams roll around, and will score better. The main way I have moved forward this year is with my confidence in my abilities, and my trust in the teachers and my peers, making me a better learner.
    In the past two years I have read over 2 million words- 1 million each year. Mr Bakewell is always drilling into us: Reading is knowledge; Reading is knowledge- and I completely agree. I have always been one to read lots, and I know first-hand that reading does improve knowledge, as facts can be slipped unknowingly into books, and reading also helps expand and improve your vocabulary.
    I think that ‘doing’ has always been my style of learning. Although I don’t appreciate standing up and sitting down repeatedly, nor moving around constantly, I do enjoy controlling my learning, instead of being told what to do constantly by a teacher. Nevertheless, I do sometimes benefit from taking knowledge from a teacher’s presentation or copying down information from a text-book, as the information is continuously flowing into my brain, not in one ear and out the other.
    Recently, I had a reality check: That to become an Architect like I want to be, I needed to take Physics instead of Drama- so I switched. Although I no longer take Drama, I still take music, and although I do not know of any performances coming up in Year 10, I do have quite a lot on my plate at the moment coming up to do with music, including an acoustic performance and a Piano Exam, which I am really nervous for both!
    As for sports, I’m not really a sporty person (please don’t hurt me Sporty People), so I don’t have any events coming up for sports.
    Since I turned 14 in April, I have been working as an Assistant in a local restaurant. It pays very well, but I can’t go there for work experience, because it isn’t aloud. Instead, I have five different options of Architect businesses to choose from, and I think about my future probably more than I should at my age (although that might not be possible). Most of the time when I think about my future I plan where I am going to go after I finish school: the Sixth Form I want to attend; the courses I am going to take; the University I want to try and get into. But these things aren’t going to happen for a while yet, so I don’t have to worry.
    I can’t really think what the highlight of this year has been. Perhaps, even though I didn’t enjoy it, it was the Politics. It was probably the highlight because although I didn’t necessarily have to enjoy it, everybody was involved, and it was a great example of active learning.


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