7En1 Power tree Due Tuesday 16th June SRA

You need to create a ‘tree of power’ (like a family tree with branches that have names attached) to show the order of power for characters in The Tempest.

At the top needs to be the most powerful (you decide who you think this is), below that should be characters who are less powerful than the one above and so on.

You need to include the character’s name and a brief explanation of why you have put them at that point on the tree eg they are more powerful than…because but less powerful than …because.

You may include details about the characters and their role in the play.

You have 2x home-learning to complete this so take the time to do it well. Make them beautiful!


5 thoughts on “7En1 Power tree Due Tuesday 16th June SRA

  1. lilly

    Hi Miss, I am a bit stuck because I don’t know all of the characters in the tempest so I only have the two – Ariel and Prospero. sorry that I haven’t been able to get in touch earlier but I have been really busy this weekend. sorry but I don’t think I will be able to complete it.

  2. lilly

    Hi Miss, I am really stuck because I don’t know every character in the tempest so I can only do Prospero and Ariel, but that would be pointless. sorry I didn’t get in touch sooner!

    1. mrssray Post author

      Hi Lilly,

      You still have until Tuesday so you can make a good start tomorrow and come to see me at lunchtime if you need to. Spend some time researching Alonso, Caliban and Miranda and decide who is the most powerful between these, Prospero and Ariel.put them in order with a brief description of each.

      Mrs Ray

  3. kyeeshaHorse

    Hi Miss,
    Do we have to include every single character in the tempest even people like Gonzalo, Sycorax, Trinculo and the butler and Stephano because they are hardly involved in the play and are mostly just their for the humor for the audience?

  4. mrssray Post author

    Hi Kyeesha,

    No you don’t need them all, just the ones who are important enough to make the tree!

    Mrs Ray


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