7En1 The Tempest plot Due Monday 8th June


Follow the link to the ‘No Fear Shakespeare’ section on sparknotes.com

Re-read the plot overview – it is the same one we used in today’s lesson. Summarise the story in no more than 6 key events. You can write these in bullet points or storyboard them if you have time. Focus on getting the most important bits in the right order.


5 thoughts on “7En1 The Tempest plot Due Monday 8th June

  1. Nadine

    1) Prospero was over throne by his brother and his companion Alonso.
    2) his boat ‘crashed’ on an island leaving them deserted. for 12 years
    3) prospero has a supernatural servant that he rescued from the witch sycorax
    4) Miranda proposes to Ferdinand (and later on the get married)
    5) Antonio on sebestian decide to kill Alonso and gonzalo
    6) Prospero apologizes for his wrong doing and asks to be freed by the audience clapping for him.

  2. Abi Lees

    This is my Home learning!

    1) In the fist part of the play the storm occurs; hitting the ship that has come from the wedding of Claribell and the prince of Tunis in Africa; carrying on board Ferdinand, Alonso, Antonio, Sebastian, Trinculo, Gonzalo and Stephano. Travelling to Italy.

    2) Prospero has been over thrown by his brother; and he also raised the tempest (the big storm) to balance the rivalry between him and his enemies!

    3) Prospero rescues Ariel from the evil which Sycorax when he was trapped in a tree before Sycorax was killed;and keeps Ariel as his own servant.

    This is all i could do because on the story it wouldnt let me scroll any further so i will try and do more tomorrown.( if it will let me )

    1. mrssray Post author

      Don’t worry. Just read Nadine’s reply on here. It should all be on one page so I’m not sure what the problem is – you just need to understand the overall story so Nadine’s will help.


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