10 En2 – Mr Dettman – Descriptive Writing Opening: Haunted House (Sensory Description)

Due: 3rd June 2015

As we discussed today, the key difference between Narrative Writing and Descriptive Writing, is that the first, is more of an A to B sort of plot (Beginning, Middle, End – or as we saw with non-linear narratives, sometimes Middle-Beginning-End!) whereas Descriptive Writing is like a Magnifying Glass-like approach, using imagery and strong sensory writing, to situate your reader right in the scene, so to speak.

For tomorrow, write 1-2 paragraphs (decent-sized!) of an opening to a haunted house descriptive piece.  It could be from 1st or 3rd perspective and should look to include the following in your description:

  • Try to use a simile or a metaphor.
  • Use a descriptive word (adjectives) you haven’t used before.
  • Try to set the mood and atmosphere by imagining what you can hear, feel and smell.

Locals say the owner of Ohio’s Milan Mansion was a practicing witch.


4 thoughts on “10 En2 – Mr Dettman – Descriptive Writing Opening: Haunted House (Sensory Description)

  1. Luke harding

    As I walked into the haunted house the door quickly closed behind me and I was trapped inside, the room was pitched black and in a corner was a candle.

    I could smell the musty air that was around me and a creature that was in the same room as me, I could hear him breathing on me as he came closer to me.

    I touched his fur and face which was on my back as he was trying to grab me. Outside it was a clear night with stars twinkling in the sky and the moon shinning bright.

  2. Joshua hobson

    It stood there roking side to side, shrieking and creeking. It was dark, darker than usual all I could hear is the sound of wolves howling to the moonlight.

    I walked up the mossy stair well it was like a light green ribbon streaking up a pole. I walked up to the door touched the handle but the house stopped swinging the house stopped shreeking and everything was quiet.

  3. Harry Cheong

    Long time ago, this house is a very posh house it also very big, and there had a very rich man with his wife lived in the before, but now no one want to stay and they also scare of staying in this house. This rich man and his wife both got kill and they were die tragically. I think everyone know that because it is so sensation, and all my friend told me the rich man and his wife the spirits is still in this house, and before have some people stay in there and they all can’t stay in this house longer then 2 days, so it make me really want to stay there.
    As I walk in this house, it is stink inside smell like a dead animal body over 2 weeks, but this is not the worst thing, the worst thing is every night I can hear the piano sound is like someone playing piano, but the house only got me, how can I hear the piano sound and every time when I going down stairs at the mid-night to check who playing piano and where is the sound come from it will stop, but the the most creepy thing is this house didn’t have a piano, so I only stay there one night, because I can’t and I don’t want to stay in there anymore.

  4. mrdettman Post author

    As I walk up to the old house, I find myself at the start of a path which has been covered by overgrown branches, making it hard for me to manoeuvre. Managing to scramble through the path, I finally find myself at the old house. I ask myself, what has happened to this place? I remember when it was beautiful, the whole landscape covered in eye catching flowers! At this moment, my heart is beating rapidly, and my legs feel like jelly! I’m nearly at the old oak door of the house until a croaky whisper brushes past my ear, and says “you enter,you’ll never leave”… Bradley Williams


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