NAN – 093 – Freedom of Speech – Due Monday 11th

Must create an education policy for your own party (not one that is already around).

Should also include ideas about the NHS.

Could also include ideas about other issues (possibly about Europe)


6 thoughts on “NAN – 093 – Freedom of Speech – Due Monday 11th

  1. Jack Hammond

    The Review of Politics publishes primarily philosophical and historical studies of politics, especially those concentrating on political theory and American political thought, but thoughtful scholarly reflections on all aspects of politics — including analysis of institutions and techniques, analysis of literary reflections on politics, political interpretations of literary works, and constitutional theory and analysis — are welcome. Some of the first essays advocating “realism” were published in The Review, as well as articles from its opponents in international relations; both perspectives are accepted parts of the journal’s coverage.

  2. hamster

    Our debate yesterday was on the age of voting being lowered to 16 I thought went wll towards it well its got good because it develops politic thoughts at a younger age and for child to have a bigger idea on politic

    The vast majority of countries in the world have established a voting age. Most governments consider that those younger than the chosen threshold lack the capacity to decide how to cast a vote. The voting age is often of such importance that it is set by means of a constitutional provision.

    Before you can vote in UK elections or referendums you need to register to vote. Your name and address will then appear on the electoral register.
    You can vote:
    • at a polling station
    • by post
    • by proxy (getting someone else to vote for you)
    You can register at 16, but you can’t vote until you’re 18.
    When there’s a local election coming up, you’ll be sent a poll card telling you where and when to vote.
    Different elections use different voting systems. See the About my vote website for details on how voting systems work

  3. Aaron

    We did in this school some speech and went around meeting some people who are from the party and we been put into our own groups like UKIP Green Lib Dem Labour at the moment as we know so far UKIP is winning so far we know of but like I was saying we went around every single party.

    Last time we did a debate of are party saying come on vote for us and calling each party out making them bad and upsetting the party well not really upsetting but make them have no votes at all because the way the party says it like “Oh no we not having any votes” because this is example with I say “oh this party going to make your life like hell and burn your life to the ground labour will not UKIP” that just example.

  4. brenden

    Politics have debates to win the election and whoevers there in and gets the most votes for the seats in parliament is more likely to will because they will have more people to debate like David Cameron is in the conservatives and he has won both elections in the last two any way people in our year made posters for their political party’s and we had a a debate for if people who were sixteen were aloud to vote the end.


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