7En1 Ethos SRA Due Tuesday 28th April

Using ethos (an appeal to credibility), explain why you should be Island Leader.

You MUST give reasons why you would make a good leader eg you are organised

You SHOULD give examples of your experience that make you suitable for the job eg you always organise your time and hand your home-learning in.

You COULD link what you are saying to the audience using ‘you’, ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’, to show that your skills would be good for leading the group.

This should be about 1 side in your home-learning books.


4 thoughts on “7En1 Ethos SRA Due Tuesday 28th April

  1. lillymay bryant

    Hi Mrs Ray here is my homelearning,
    I think I should be team leader because I will make everything fair and I would include everyone; although I would have to be firm when needed! I would give everyone the same amount of jobs and I would be a reliable team leader. I would really like to be team leader because I like being the person who people can go to when they are stuck of they don’t know what to do!
    I had to do my homelearning on the blog because I had no paper left and my printer has no ink.

    1. mrssray Post author

      Yes! It is a set, assessed piece of work. If you don’t want to be the leader, you can resign.

      Mrs Ray

  2. ben clark

    Pick me as island leader, I’m responsible, smart and have excellent at: building rafts, creating fire 🔥 making shelter and more importantly I am good at catching food and boiling water. If I am elected then I will be proud to be island leader and will serve all people well. No one will be disrespectful to me, I have fair rules and high expectations and no one will obey them. The jobs that I set will tire you and make you sweaty and smelly but at least you will get a good nights sleep. Fairness is no excuse, I will give each other the same amount of food and the same amount of jobs and if if anyone disobeys me then there will be trouble. Punishments will be harsh, if you do not do your jobs for the day then not only will you starve for that day but you will also, the next day, do the whole crews chores. So pick me as island leader and I will make you proud, serve you well and treat you good.


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