NAN – 10EN2 – PERSUADE – Due Thursday 23rd

Watch a film and write a review on it

Must use 2 PERSUADE techniques

Should use at least 5 PERSUADE techniques

Could say the impact of the PERSUADE techniques

You will be peer assessing them that lesson!


4 thoughts on “NAN – 10EN2 – PERSUADE – Due Thursday 23rd

  1. leon

    I have watched a film called “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead” it is a documentary it is an amazing, fantastic and inspiring film this film will change your life. Do you want to change your life? this film is amazing and it has changed my life, I would say this film is a one of a kind and the only one I have found like this. The film is about how this guy was really ill and over weight so he went on a specific diet witch saved his life and how he helped others too. if all of this sounds appetising why not give it a go watch the film its a good film and I would suggest it to anyone and everyone because it is just an amazing film if I was to rate the film it would get a 5/5 stars because its so motivated so are you ready to change your life?

  2. Harry Cheong

    I have watched a film call Fast & Furious 7, this is a action movie. I think this film is amazing, awesome, fantastic. I really like this movie the story and all the characters had perfect interpretation in every plot. However, have something regretful is one for the character Paul Walker dead, so it is his last works in his life how sad is it. Finally, I am thinking if they have Fast & Furious 8 but they lose a character what will they do?

  3. Luke harding

    The Dambusters

    This film is set in 1943 on the night of 16th of May they go to the Ruhr valley in Germany to destroy 3 dams they have been waiting for.

    The wing commander Guy Gibson is there leader of the raid and the designer of the bouncing bomb is Barns Wallace.

    In this film you will see the rolling hills of the valley by the sound of 19 Lancaster’s.

    Make sure you buy this film it is excellent for everyone to watch.

  4. kurtis

    My review is going to be on step brothers.
    Step brothers is about two 40 year old people Brennan and Dale who still live at home with their parents,and they never had had a job. Instead they take money their parents.When Brennan’s mum and Dale’s dad gets together they end up moving in together Brennan and Dale end up having to shearing a room. Which they didn’t like and act like brats. As time went on they become best friends instead of getting each other in to trouble.
    Both Brennan and Dale’s parents decide it’s time for them to grow up and find a job so they can live out their of sailing around the world together.
    Eventually they both get jobs and move out on their own.
    I rate this film 4/5 because it was really funny


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