Year 7 Leadership for Mr Bakewell

What makes a good leader? List the qualities that make a good leader – what should she do? How should she act? How does she maintain respect?
LEARNING FOCUS: to explain clearly
MUST list points (bullet-points in full sentences)
SHOULD explain why the qualities you chose are important
COULD explain with examples of good leaders (either from your own experience or from world leaders)


2 thoughts on “Year 7 Leadership for Mr Bakewell

  1. kieaehanne

    I THINK that a good leeder will look out for him self but
    a stronger man look out for over help then servive and mack a happy helfy life will on duck island

  2. Leo

    To Mr Bakewell
    Here is my hl
    A good leader needs to have a plan no matter what. They need to give every individual person a specific job. A leader needs to get the right resources for the right times . And finally a leader never gives up and listens to everyone .


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