10En1 English Literature revision SRA

Year 10 revision booklet

Above is the booklet that was given out to those who attended the revision day on Wednesday. As well as your Jekyll and Hyde homelearning, it would be a good idea to keep revising the anthology poems and connections between them AND ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. There are tips in the booklet to help you.

Towards the end there is space for you to do a past poetry question but the question isn’t included; this is because, on Wednesday, everyone had to race to find a question. There were lots of false starts as people found AQA questions, prose questions and random teacher resources before they actually got to the right thing! Remember you need to search edexcel English Literature, Understanding Poetry (Unit 2H). By all means, have another go at the paper with ‘The Apple Raid’, or the one we looked at in class, ‘Bats’.

Short bursts of 20-30 minutes will work wonders! Even planning an answer would be beneficial as it will get you thinking about the texts and ideas to include.

Don’t be the one who wishes they had done more on results day; put down the phones and computer games and pick up those pens!


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