NAN – 10EN2 – CRISP – Due April 20th

Explain where the theme of The American Dream is seen in ‘Of Mice and Men’

You should use CRISP to answer this. (Character, Relationship, Ideas, Structure, Plot)


7 thoughts on “NAN – 10EN2 – CRISP – Due April 20th

  1. Josh Hobson

    C: Back in the 1930, times were harder and George and Lenny were typical dreamers of a preferred future, than there current existence. They needed to be hard working and ambition if they were to succeed at their American dream.
    R: This has a relationship with The American dream because George and Lenny where poor and have no where to sleep and have nothing to eat. This is what it was like in the 1930’s because of lack of jobs and lack of money.
    I: George and Lenny had an idea which was to have a ranch with a stone stove and acres of land with a little windmill. They also wanted pigs, rabbits, chicken’s and cows but they had to work hard to succeed at all of this.
    S: The structure to this idea is that George and Lenny had to work hard to get the money for the dream, which was to get a ranch with animal’s. While George and Lenny are discussing there ambition Candy overhears the idea and wants to help, so he gives $200 to help them succeed at their dream.
    P: I think the goal that George and Lenny had, which was recorded at the beginning of the story, starts off the whole journey that George and Lenny had to go on to achieve the dream.

  2. Harry Cheong

    Character, Relationship, Ideas, Structure, Plot
    C: In the 1930, had two guys, George and Lennie. They are the main characters in ‘ Of Mice And Men’. In this time is very hard to have a job, so if they want to succeed in their American dream they have to working hard and ambition.
    R: This is what it was like in the 1930’s because of lack of jobs and lack of money, so George and Lennie are lucky because they got a job, they can sleep in the shed, and they had enough foods.
    I: They have a idea and this idea also is their dream; Their dream is have a ranch with a stone stove and acres of land with a little windmill. They also wanted pigs, rabbits, chickens and cows, so it made them work hard.
    S: The structure to the idea is that, George and Lennie had to work hard to get the money for their dream, although they had discussing with Candy and Candy will give $200 to help them.
    P: I think they had a goal at the beginning, start at the whole journey that George and Lenny had to go on to achieve the dream.

  3. Clark Baker

    C:Characters who represent the theme of the American Dream in Of Mice and Men are for example George and Lennie who want to have their own piece of land and live on a little farm.
    R:Relationships are for example the ones between Lennie George and Candy who get freinds when they dreamed together of their own peice of land.
    I: The Idea is that people who lived in the 1930s often had their American dream. They often also had less money and just dreamed of their own land where they can live independently.
    S:They show this theme at the very beginning and during the whole novel to show how important it is for the novel. Dreams are important to understand the story and get the emotions it brings with it.
    P:I forgot what plot means…

  4. Luke harding

    Lennie’s, George’s and candies dream is to run a farm which has pigs, cows, chickens, sheep and rabbits and a vegetable garden which they are to grow there own food in.

    Which they are looking forward to save up for so they can buy somewhere to be able to make this happen and this is there American Dream.

  5. leon

    the american dream is seen in of mice and men when George and Lennie talk about buying a farm lennie wants this farm all the time and george always brings his hopes up george says that lennie is like his brother and always there for him

    they want to save up some money to build up a farm wich is a old one and to have the amarican dream to live the life everyone wants to live

  6. james

    the American dream is shown in ‘Of mice and men’ when George and Lennie are on the way to the ranch and they stop at the pond for the night and George tells a story involving the American dream about how one day they will have a little house just for the two of them and Lennie will have rabbits on the little land that they own and all through the book and the film Lennie is told that if he gets in trouble he won’t get any rabbits and so he behaves until he accidently kills the curleys wife and the puppy.

  7. keesha

    The American dream is linked to mice and men as it was based in the same time.
    C: George and Lennie are best freinds and they go and a trip to find work to pay for a farm that they will have when they get enough money.
    R: There relationship is very strong as they do every think togerther.
    I:the idea of ‘the american dream’ is to get rid of all black people.
    S: The structure goes very well with ‘The American dream’ because it treates the black person if the film/book very diffrently
    p: the plot just tells you about the film.


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