Mr Dettman – 11En1 – Macbeth Act 3 Scene 1

Due: Wednesday, 22nd April  (my Lesson in the 2nd week back)

Using your understanding of the extract, explain how the lines below, from Act 3 Scene 1, might be performed. (7)

  • What you already know about the characters’ relationships.  What has lead up to this point?
  • What you know about each character’s personality (like Macbeth, this might have chanegd throughout the play).
  • How are each of the characters feeling?  Examine the thoughts and feelings Macbeth and Banquo express in the extract.
  • The way they might react to each other, and what they say.


Here’s our chief guest


If he had been forgotten,

It had been as a gap in our great feast,

And all-thing unbecoming.


Tonight we hold a solemn supper, sir,

And I’ll request your presence.


Let your highness

Command upon me, to the which my duties

Are with a most indissoluble tie

Forever knit.

Mr Dettman’s Top Tip: Signpost to the examiner, the broad range of techniques you are examining, by making sure they see the following words in your response:

  • actions
  • positioning
  • movement
  • voice
  • gesture
  • facial expression

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