NAN – 10EN2 – CRISP – Due 26th

In the clip we saw the theme of friendship.

Using CRISP (character, relationship, ideas, structure, plot) explain where the theme of friendship is shown in ONE other place of the novel.

What does it tell you about the character?

What does it tell you about a friendship?

What does it tell you about 1930s?

Why was it placed where it was in the novel?

What does it do to the plot?


6 thoughts on “NAN – 10EN2 – CRISP – Due 26th

  1. Luke harding

    What does it tell you about the character? George he has to watch Lennie all the time. They get along with each other but sometimes they don’t when George chucks Lenin’s mouse away.

    Where does it tell you about friendship?
    When George, Lennie and candy talk about their dream that they want to earn.

    What does it tell you about the 1930’s? That it is hard to find work on farms and other places because people did not have enough money to get a job that they wanted.

    Why was it placed where it was in the novel? It placed at the start to interest people to keep on reading it.

    What does it do to the plot? It makes you think about what the characters are like in the scene, also if they be nice to each other.

  2. kurtis

    Friendship was seen when Candy ,Lennie and George talk about getting a farm for them to live in. Georges relationship with Lennie is that George cares for lennie,but Lennie always gets George into trouble. There was barely any work around for them,and all they dreamed of was the living American dream. This was seen at the beginning of the novel by showing their relationship.
    The plot is that George had a good relationship with Lennie because he felt he needed to help him through life as he wasn’t the brightest guy.

  3. Clark Baker

    Friendship is shown in the scene where Lennie, George and Candy are talking about buying their own farm. That tells me that the relationship between these three is quite good because they would live on the same farm with each other. When I set this in the time the novel plays in so in the 1930s, it tells me that in this time the American dream of your own land and work and family was very present. It also tells me that usually people had to buy a piece of land with other people because they don’t have enough money to buy it on their own. I think this theme is at the beginning because that gives the reader first a very good feeling about the ranchand the living on it. The theme friendship in the whole novel is also a very important theme because it is the opposite of another really important theme: loneliness. So the novel isn’t so monotonous.

  4. Josh Hobson


    That crooks doesn’t have many friend’s on the ranch.

    this shows how black people where treated differently to others in the 1930’s and how things work back then.

    I think Crooks is put at the start so that people an see how people where treated and also so that people understand what is going on.

    I think it helps the plot because Crooks starts to become kinder and kinder to the point where he is really friendly

  5. Harry Cheong

    1.) What does it tell you about the character?
    A: George has to watch Lennie all the time, because Lennie will do something stupid and then got trouble and George need to help him, is like the beginning of the story.
    2.) What does it tell you about a friendship?
    A: When George, Lennie and Candy this three guys talking about their dream, their farm.
    3.) What does it tell you about 1930s?
    A: In 1930s is very hard to find a job even in a farm, because lot of people don’t have money.
    4.) Why was it placed where it was in the novel?
    A: I think is the beginning is quite excited, so it can appeal the audience keep reading.
    5.) What does it do to the plot?
    A: It can let the audience know they both like each other.

  6. Sam

    In the clip with Candy, Lennie and George, candys true personality comes out when Candy is talking about him putting all of his money aside in order to give Lennie and George their Dream on living on their own with their own farm.
    This shows that the friendship is very strong due to the fact that Candy wants to give them the money in order to live with them, and the part with the most friendship is when they all say that they will add there money up in order to live on the farm.
    This shows firstly that they have to live on farms and that there isn’t much other stuff than farms and that they also have a dream and something to strive for so that they can live happily for the rest of their lives.
    It’s place right at the beginning showing that it shows you them working towards that final dream at the end, which makes you want to continuously read on so that you find out what eventually happens.
    It makes the plot more exiting because it allows you to see wether there dream actually happens and if they managed to get there final dream in the end.


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