Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Writing Points of View

Due: Wednesday, 18th March

Write about a fictional incident at a school from dual (two) points of view.  These must be at least two sizable paragraphs in length.

e.g. an incident where someone is bullied; an incident where conflict occurs in the classroom etc.

E/D Grade: You should show off the difference in how both people see the situation.  You should attempt to give across each person’s character (think ‘What is this person like?’ when you write it.)

C/B Grade: You should aim to use different personal pronouns (First Person; Second Person and/or Third Person.) and if possible, using a non-linear narrative (not following a normal sequence of time – e.g. using flashbacks, or not structured normally.)


10 thoughts on “Mr Dettman – 10En2 – Writing Points of View

  1. Lukeharding

    Bobs side

    I was getting hurt by lots of people they were saying rude words at me. Then I got up and punched him in the face and then he said no more. Then Mark punched me in the face back. Now everyone was shouting fight, fight, fight and they went on and on until the teacher came in.

    Marks side

    Bob was on the floor of the class room and I was saying rude words about him then he got up and punched me in the face then Mark felt even more angry then Mark got up and punched Bob in the face after what Bob did to mark next the teacher came into the class room and asked what had happened and Bob told the teacher what happened and we both got sent out.

    After we had to write what happened and after that the teacher told us to both say sorry to each other and we both did and shook hands then me and Mark both got along with each other.

  2. kurtis

    It was Jeff’s first day at his new school,he was terrified. When he arrived at the school gates, he saw there was a group of older lads pushing a small nerd around. He put his head down and decided to walk straight past. He wanted to help,but his body shut down. He just kept walking. He was just glad it wasn’t happening to him.

    It was just another day for Bob and his friends. The same start every single morning. 8.30 meet up at the school entrance to make sure that they were there before the school nerds arrived. Bob liked to push the smaller lads around ,just to have a laugh and show everyone that he was the boss.
    All the teachers in the school thought he was a caring person,but they never saw the other side of him.

  3. Clark Baker

    And again. I get bullied for nothing. I just wanted to get me some water and this one guy had a problem with it. I was in front of him in the queue and he thinks now he can just push me out of the queue to get water first. That’s what always happens. I can’t understand why everyone else gives him right too…But I think it gets worse for me. And I was right. The big guy kicked me in the face. I will just run away and let the people laugh at me otherwise it would get even worse.

    He gets bullied from this guy again. But it seems to be that he was doing nothing wrong? He gets pushed out of the queue and has to go away. The other students are laughing at him and he also gets kicked by the guy who kicked him out of the queue. He is just running away now. Instead of that he should tell that a teacher or scream for help.

  4. Harry Cheong

    I don’t want to see this happen again, but today this happen again, and the first time happen is in last year. One day I was playing basketball with my friends up to the basketball court, and there also had some students playing football, suddenly James was falling down and he hold his ankle, I can see it from his face it is very painful, so I picked him to the teacher, but on the way I ask him how came your ankle so hurt, so he told me what’s going on. Because they students who playing football, they were kicked the ball to the basketball court, but in this moment James, he is running, so the football made him fall, and he also broke his ankle.
    Last week, this happen again, and I think this will be like last time he can’t walk in 2 mouth, so I tried to found a teacher but all my was laughed, and than they told me it was just a prank is not real, and they all laugh at my face, because I looked so loss don’t know what to do is like last time, and I said you guys this is not a good prank ever ever.

  5. brandon

    kid being bullied |
    I actually hate being bullied. it is day after day i wake up get to school and find people running for my lunch money. i mean imagine being punched because you have money. and that’s nothing. when i get to my house i have a constant ring of these… these… these bullies.

    kid seeing the bully |
    i feel so sorry for this one kid who never gets a day to eat his own lunch because of some bullies punching him for what seems to be his money. this one kid gets beaten up constantly non-stop. but that’s not it; when he leaves school he has to run home because i think he i scared of what they will do to him outside of school.

  6. leon deviile

    why me? why do I have to get beaten up like a punching bag? don’t they realize it hurts a lot? my name is Jeff and i go to school expecting to be covered in bruises by the time i get home. but the thing is if i tell people this they will beat me up even harder!

    hahahaha!!! this kid is actually so defenseless he cowards away from me if im in his line of site; but most the time im not in his sight.

  7. Lauren brownhill

    this is a story of how my life got turned upside down, just sit right there and i will tell you how i became the fresh bully of fresh-air.

    i am the most know bully at fresh ar school and town. you dont want to get into my path or you willl regret everything your every move.

    there is a kid who everyone want to give him the impression that he is the biggest bully of fresh air town and school. we do this to give him the impression that he is strong but one day we all are going to come up to him and show him that he is not so hard.

  8. Liv

    Alice wondered down to the local park, she looked forward to seeing her only friend. As she looked inside the bars there was only 3 kids, none of them being one of hers.

    Charlie, Becky and I were playing tag when we saw Alice standing behind the bars of the park. We exchanged glances and began walking towards her. She came inside. I hit her in the face and Charlie pulled her hair. She cried.

  9. mrdettman Post author

    Today it was just another day for jack Same lessons, same time period, but today jack wanted a change. As the regester was being taken jack got out of his seet and started jumping, but the teacher wasent having any of it so she shouted and as soon as possible he was back in his seet.

    Today I wanted a change from all my lessons, so after te regester was being taken I got out of my seet and started jumping around, but the teacher wasn’t having any of it so she shouted and I rushed back into my seet.


  10. mrdettman Post author

    It was about five to nine in the morning and George was walking through the cory door to his first lesson of the day, Frank see’s him and starts walking towards him, George speeds up trying to get to lesson because he knows he will be fine if he’s with a teacher, Franks knows that if he gets to a teacher he can’t play his little games with George, George runs to the doors of his first lesson opens it; hops in the lesson and feels lucky, Frank knows that he can’t get away for ever.

    The George terns around “but I’m in the wrong lesson he cried” so he opened the door slowly and quietly so Frank wouldn’t here it and began to walk out not seeing Frank, Frank pounced on George like a tiger pouncing on its next meal and said “give me your money” in a violent voice, George was close to tears and so gave all his money to Frank and then Frank happily walked off with a smirk on his face.

    James Yalland


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