10En1 Mockingbird question Due Thursday 19th March SRA

‘Explore how the theme of education is presented in To Kill a Mockingbird’.

Use evidence from the text to support your answer.

You have one hour to prepare/ re-read and plan and one hour to write (homelearning for Tuesday too).

AO1 You need to focus on writing fluently and coherently. You need to link ideas together and try to build a line of argument throughout your answer. You need to use appropriate phrasing and terminology for the text/subject.

AO4 You must consider how the context in which the novel was set and the context in which it was written have influenced the novel, and, more significantly, the theme you are discussing. You should also consider how readers will interpret the theme/novel in a modern context.

A/A* Perceptive response

B/A Assured

C/B Sustained

D/C Sound

If you have forgotten what these mean, look back over your previous two answers and my feedback.


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