7En1 Interesting dialogue Due Tuesday 3rd March SRA

You photocopied a section from your fairytale that included dialogue last lesson.

Your task is to re-write that section and make the dialogue more engaging and interesting so that when you perform your stories for year 3 and 4, they will be able to easily imagine what your characters are like and how they sound.

When we read ‘Thief’, we noticed some things that we thought made the speech more effective:

– slang/informal language so the characters sound real

– italic font to emphasis certain words (you can underline words if hand-writing)

– using adverbs to instruct how the speech should be said

Try to include these in your own writing. You will compare within your groups next lesson and assess how effective your new version is.


2 thoughts on “7En1 Interesting dialogue Due Tuesday 3rd March SRA

  1. lillymay bryant

    Hi Mrs Ray, I have to do my homelearning on the blog because I have no paper at the minute at home.
    Here it is…

    Prince Bastino,
    King Olaf.

    King Olaf had a question for Prince Bastino, but even for the likes of a charming and clever Prince like him- this was a very difficult question.
    King Olaf- “Hi Prince Bastino, I was hoping to find you.” (eager)
    Prince Bastino- “hello, why’s that?” (confused)
    King Olaf- “Well I was just wondering what Princess you would like to marry? I know this may seem a little bit of a weird question to ask but I do this to all Princes” (curious)
    Prince Bastino- “Umm.. Well I don’t really know what to say. I would have to sleep on it, but I will get back to you in the morning.” (Feeling under pressure)
    King Olaf- ” Ok, but make sure you do because this a very important question.” (eager and frustrated)
    Prince Bastino- ” Sure thing, bye!” (rushing away frowning)
    King Olaf- ” Goodbye!” (waving)

  2. Abi Lees

    Hi miss, sorry its such late notice i’ve only just got my internet back so i didn’t know what we had to do for homework but i also sent you an email but im not sure if you got it.


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