Mr Dettman – 11En1 – Prepare for Assessment Piece: ‘The Sizzle’

Due: Week B, after Mocks

Year 11,  I’ve been impressed that you’re starting to experiment – for the most part – successfully, with more ambitious punctuation.

To get the ‘sizzle’, as Mr Bakewell calls it, you have to incorporate more than simply the ‘Review’.

This includes:

1.Using memorable quotations, famous lines (or twisting them) – as practiced in class.

2.Extended metaphors – as practiced in class.

3.Interesting similes.

4.Amusing anecdotes (stories).

5.Starting with an imperative ‘Think about it…’

6. PERSUADE.  ( P=Power of 3   E=Emotive writing   R=Rhetorical Qu.   S=Say Again (Repeat) U=Undermine the opposition   A=Anecdote (tell a story)  D=Direct Address  E=Exaggerate)

For the assessment, you should be researching your attraction thoroughly; I was disappointed that there were still students unsure of where they would be reviewing!

You should be sequencing your review (structure) – look below at some areas that you could cover.

The journey to get there.  Your first impressions.  Whether you’d return.

Who the ideal audience(s) is/are.   The cost.  The staff.   What the service was like.

The food (if applicable).  The overall experience.  The rides / attractions.   The clientele.

Come to the lesson having considered (and drafted ideas) for numbers 1-6 above, as well as the research and sequence of your review.


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