NAN – 093 – SMART – Due Monday

Create a SMART target based on your speaking and listening assessment. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound)

+ Say how you are going to reach it.


2 thoughts on “NAN – 093 – SMART – Due Monday

  1. martha

    My smart target is to learn my poem/lines off by hart and can say them confident and speak clearly I need to make a tone of voice I need to learn all my poetic devices and consecrate on my learning. Next time i would like to chose a bigger poem so I can show more of my confident’s.

  2. s.polak

    My smart target is to try not to laugh in my performance
    also to speak load and clear
    I will do this bye practicing
    I will practise bye reading outload
    words and sentises in books
    I wont be doing this to anyone until my next performance

    I need to learn some of my poetic devices also
    next time I would like to choose a poem with simpler words.


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