Mr Dettman – 10En2 – The Letter and the Lady

Due: Wednesday, 11th February

Watch Roman’s Polanski’s Macbeth (1971) version of Lady Macbeth reading, and considering Macbeth’s letter.

Using the Nofear Shakespeare translation to help, answer the following questions in full paragraph responses:

D Grade:

Describe how how Lady Macbeth reacts to the Macbeth’s news of the witches’ prophecy – that he shall be King.  Does she seem afraid; excited; happy; determined; frightening?

Does she have confidence in Macbeth?  Give a reason (preferably a quote), for your response.

C Grade: 

Lady Macbeth refers to Macbeth being: ‘too full of the milk of human kindness’ – what does she mean?

Suggest what Lady Macbeth will say to Macbeth, when he returns to his castle.  What do you think she will plan?


7 thoughts on “Mr Dettman – 10En2 – The Letter and the Lady

  1. Josh Hobson

    I think lady Macbeth is happy, excited, and scared because she said that Macbeth has earned to be king but she knows to become the king Macbeth either has to kill king Duncan or king Duncan dies.

    ‘too full of the milk of human kindness I think this means that their is too much kindness in Macbeth to kill king Duncan.

    I think lady Macbeth will try and get Macbeth to kill king Duncan using her lady features to convice him because if Macbeth becomes king that means she will become queen as well so she will get something out of Macbeth killing king Duncan and becoming king and also this means that lady Macbeth will become rich as well as Macbeth.

  2. Luke harding

    I think lady Macbeth is happy, excited and frightened because she is wanting Macbeth to be king because he has earned it after what he has done to Macdonald, but now Macbeth wants to become king he has to kill Duncan.

    ” to full of milk of human kindness”, I think this quote shows that Macbeth is to kind to kill king Duncan because Duncan is a friend to Macbeth.

    I think lady Macbeth will try to get Macbeth to kill Duncan by using her powers on Macbeth to talk him in to kill Duncan by saying that they would be king and queen. This will mean that Lady Macbeth will come rich like Macbeth if he was to kill Duncan.

  3. kurtis

    I think that lady Macbeth is afraid for Macbeth, because she doesn’t think that he has it in him to become king. For him to become King it would mean that he will have to kill King Duncan.

  4. Yanira

    Her reaction to the letter shows that Lady Macbeth is a woman who knows her husband very well, maybe because she shares some of his qualities. For both of them, murder is the “nearest way.” In an earlier scene, Macbeth had commented that “If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me” but later he assumes that he must be an assassin in order to be king; this is always his wife’s conclusion.

  5. Keesha noon

    I think that lady Macbeth is scared but happy for Macbeth as she doesn’t know if he has it in him to become king but that means killing the king now. She might be scared of somebody finding out that Macbeth killed the king as then he will get killed and she doesn’t won’t that to happen. On the other hand she wont’s him to become king as then they will become rich and royalty.

  6. Alex Bennellick

    I think that Lady Macbeth is scared but then happy at the same time. Lady Macbeth doesn’t know whether he’s going to kill the king for him to become the new king.Lady Macbeth wants him to become the new king so they can live a happy rich live.


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