NAN – 082 – Themes – Due Monday 9th

Write down your home learning – Due Monday 9th

Write down the main themes from the poems ‘Vultures’ and ‘River God’

4 – Write down the themes.

5 – Suggest if there are any similar ones.

6 – Compare and contrast the themes of the poems in two paragraphs.


2 thoughts on “NAN – 082 – Themes – Due Monday 9th

  1. Ollie

    I think the theme of this poem is the gruesome side of animals, saying in the poem ” Ate the things in its bowel.” That is quite a graphic and gruesome line to include in a poem.”
    River God
    I think the themes in the river god are love and loneliness, as in the poem it says “Especially women” i think this shows a sense of being alone as he also drowns them so he has someone to be with. But he also shows a sense of love to his victims.

  2. nathan

    I think the main themes to river god are the power of nature and violence

    I think the main themes to vultures are love


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