Class Task – 11En3

Compare the ways in which Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are presented, before and after the murder of Duncan.


8 thoughts on “Class Task – 11En3


    Before the murder Macbeth does not want to do it so he is nervous and scared where as lady Macbeth is keen to do it and in the end convinces Macbeth to do it.
    After the murder Macbeth is still scared but it is for a different reason its because he knows in his mind that they are going to get caught, where as lady Macbeth is still calm and in the end calms down her husband and they wash there hands and get on with it.

  2. Jordan Leach-Collins

    Macbeth is presented as Duncan’s lapdog and Lady Macbeth is presented as a person wanting it all so she persuades Macbeth to do things that he doesn’t want to do, one of the ways she persuades him is by humiliating him.

  3. oisin

    Macbeth before the murder is obviously frightened and nervous, but after the murder he’s a nervous wreck. it sinks in that he has murdered someone, and of he best mates, or so he thinks. Because Lady Macbeth has opened his eyes to knowing that he’s using him from every possible way he can. After Macbeth has murdered him Lady Macbeth is unchanged, she doesn’t bat an eye lid at the fact he’s dead. All she can think of is how to cover up the murder and not get caught. she manipulated him into doing it, but whens she’s poured her spirit into his ear, she’s sure he’s going to do it so after the dead is done she is unchanged.

  4. jack munslow

    before the murder they are talking about how they are going to kill him and after the murder lady Macbeth says she killed king Duncan to make him think she killed him so he doesn’t think he kills him so she tells him and because she thinks he cant handle that he killed Duncan.

  5. Chloee

    Lady Macbeth at the start of the play is very driven to kill King Duncan and persuades her husband to kill the king. Macbeth is very reluctant to kill him but he soon comes around to the idea after Lacy Macbeth bribes him into killing the king.
    After they murder the king, Macbeth is very stressed, nervous and shocked about killing him. Lady Macbeth seems quite proud that the fact her husband killed him but she soon realises Macbeth is very scared and chocked about the death so she makes up that is killed King Duncan instead.

  6. Chris N

    macbeth does not want to kill anyone but lady macbeth is determined to kill people so she embarisses him and then has sex with him to get him on her side. macbeth can’t sleep so he can’t sleep properly so he is easier to persuade. macbeth is strong on the outside and weak on the inside so lady macbeth uses that to her advantage.

  7. william cheong

    in the beginning Macbeth was very powerful, justice and loyalty to King Duncan. So King Duncan and Macbeth were like a brother but from another mother. However after they met the witches. Then Macbeth was become very nervous, lost and become a bit evil. Because he don’t want to kill King Duncan but Ladies Macbeth was convince Macbeth. So he just kill king Duncan.

  8. dylan

    when the opportunity is presented to lady Macbeth that she could be queen she uses her viscous side to trick Macbeth using sex to manipulate him into killing Duncan as for Duncan he doesn’t want to kill anyone until lady Macbeth uses him


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