11En3 ‘Of Mice and Men’ Improve a paragraph SRA Due Tuesday 3rd Feb

Like we did in the lesson today, you need to take the paragraph on the sheet you were given (also attached) and improve it so that it does the following:

  • Answers the question ‘Why is Curley’s wife important in the novel?’
  • Meets AO1: uses relevant quotations and evaluates them.
  • Meets AO4: Makes reference to the context of the novel (America, 1930s, The Great Depression, women’s roles, racism etc).

Remember, to make it ‘sound’, you need to show that you are confident in your understanding of the novel and the main themes and ideas.

Of Mice and Men’ Exam Question


One thought on “11En3 ‘Of Mice and Men’ Improve a paragraph SRA Due Tuesday 3rd Feb

  1. Chris Neil

    Curley’s wife is really important in the novel because she is a massive flirt. one because Curley never lets her leave the ranch or spend any time with anyone that is male. two because there is no other females on the ranch so she has nobody who really understands what she is going through and nobody to do thing that women normally do like gossip. because Curley is s strict on her it just makes her want to talk to men even more. i think that she is bored of Curley so she targets other men. Curleys wife is also important because she is so lonely she tells Lennie all about her. the reason George and Lennie came to the farm in the first place is because he hurt the lady in the last ranch. Curley’s wife loves the attention and when Lennie gives it to her she lets him touch her, because she is wearing a soft dress and she has soft hair she lets him touch her hair. Lennie touches her hair a bit to hard and she said’s “ouch, get off me” because she shouts Lennie doesn’t want to get caught so he puts her hand around her mouth and accidentally kills her. she is important in the novel also because you get to see how Lennie does what ever George tells him to. Curley starts fighting with Lennie because Lennie laughed. Lennie does not fight back until George tells him to. because Curleys wife is so flirty most of the men know its a bad idea so they stay away from her. but Lennie does not know what he is doing so talks back and gets himself in trouble again.


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