NAN – 093 – Poem – Due Wednesday 28th

Write a poem (at least 10 lines)

F – Using pathetic fallacy

E – Using pathetic fallacy and similes

D – Using pathetic fallacy, similes and metaphors


2 thoughts on “NAN – 093 – Poem – Due Wednesday 28th

  1. Samantha Plowman-Moss

    The sky is low, the clouds are mean,
    A travelling flake of snow.
    Across the barn,
    Debating whether to go.

    A narrow wind complains all day.
    How somone treated him;
    Nature, like us, is sometimes caught
    Without her dream catcher

  2. solomon

    as the flowers shrieked the earth died .
    the grass crawled toward the tree
    the fire was tall but the flame was small
    the water plodded everywhere
    the darkness grew to a misty yellow
    for the sky was white
    yet the water was green
    in a cabin on a hill
    a goat saw this and
    went to sleep in wonders gleam


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