9En2 PEE Effective Descriptions SRA Due Wednesday 28th January

This should take 2 hours as it is your homelearning for today and Monday (2 lots).

You have focused in class on writing effective descriptions to have an impact on the reader and to create an atmosphere. For this homelearning, you will be assessed on your ability to recognise techniques that have been used in the books you’re reading and explain the effect of them.

You need to write 4 PEE paragraphs that answer the question: How are descriptive techniques used effectively in (name of your book)?

Point You need to identify the technique that has been used eg The writer has used a simile to describe the trees.

Evidence ‘The trees were like a row of statues, each one carved differently and lovingly.’

Explanation By comparing the trees to statues, the writer has made them seem…

The effect of using a simile here is that…

The reader understands that…

This contributes to the atmosphere of…     because…

If you get stuck, please ask for help in the lesson on Monday. Saying ‘I didn’t get it’ on Wednesday will lead to a detention. 


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