Mr Dettman – 11En1 – Write a Review

Due: Thursday, 29th January

(Please make sure this is posted or written out and handed in.  Many of you missed the last deadline, and will risk an Academy Detention, if it’s not on time.)

Write a review, in the style of a two-person Podcast review, of one of the following areas, depending on where your strengths lie:

– A recent Song, or Album.

– A Film or TV show.

– A Book or Magazine.

– A Video Game.

Remember the tips we have learned in class, to make your review a more entertaining and sophisticated piece of writing, guaranteed to get you into that A grade territory:

Snappy title, using a literary device or some sort.

– A fantastically entertaining OPENING and ENDING.  It might be, that you use rhetoric of some sort to engage you reader from the outset.

– A clear review structure:   Introduction: this gives an overview of what is being reviewed. It also sums up the reviewer’s conclusion  (so readers can form an opinion); 2: the reviewer then describes the subject of the review in more detail – avoid plot spoilers where it involves a narrative/story 3: the reviewer then analyses the subject, looking at good things as well as bad things; finally: the review informs the reader when the subject of the review is available (and sometimes, in a local review, where it can be seen or obtained).

How to Write an A* Review: 

Watch from 1 minute in, to get tips on how to score higher grades, and from 7mins in, to see what an A* piece of writing looks like.  Mimicry is the BEST way to improve (in life!), and if you can try and mimic the style, you’ll almost certainly produce a better piece of work.


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